Saturday, January 29, 2011

Nom De Plume

Yesterday the kids sat down to write out some Christmas Thank You notes.

Baby was getting frustrated trying to write out her name (9 letters is a bit much), so I tried to suggest some shortened variations.

"Do you want to try to write your name "Cha Cha" instead?" I offered.

"No! I want to write my name "Peachy 'Panzee"!" Baby said emphatically.

"Okay... but that isn't going to be any easier." I cautioned.

I stand corrected.

Friday, January 28, 2011


On Thursdays Kid goes to her electives homeschool program. That leaves Baby and I some awkward time to fill in Ann Arbor. With the weather being what it is... we opted to head to the Mall (a newly discovered adventure to Baby after xmas shopping there). We got a smoothie and she played on the indoor play structure.

But the real lure was jewels...

I discovered this Christmas, while searching for gifts for my three teenaged nieces, that Forever 21 was a dress up loving three year old's Mecca. It took her breath away... all of those diamonds in one place. On hooks low enough to reach, no less.

Fabulous jewels, and bobbles, and hair accessories... for practically NO MONEY.

I mean, ridiculously cheap.

Cheaper than children's jewelry from Target.


These are REAL.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Long And Short Of It

I'm having another migraine.

This is really starting to affect our quality of life.

The last two days (before the headache) are almost worse than the ensuing head pain (which is incredibly bad).

I just feel like complete shit, physically and emotionally.

Light headed, exhausted, irritable and depressed.

Then it magically lifts and in it's place is a searing, aching, compression in my brain.


And nearly unbearable nausea.

I actually find myself fantasizing about that scene in Grey's Anatomy when Izzy drills into a trapped guys head with a cordless drill.


And the head pain is actually better than the two days of aura.

So that's kind of saying something.

The headache will last anywhere from 24 to 72 hours.

And this has been happening to me EVERY OTHER WEEK.

Every other freaking week.

For the past 5 months.

The thing I'm thankful for?... that this shit didn't start happening until we moved from Asheville. If this had been going on down there... I'd probably have killed myself.

Or developed a really bad drinking habit.

One or the other.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Sick Bed

"You do know you can use Kleenexes more than once?" Mrs F says after surveying the scene.

"Oh." replies Kid with a guilty laugh.

But why bother, really, when it makes such a nice fluffy background for this...
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