Sunday, September 16, 2007

In The Kitchen With Kid

Well as hesitant as I was about this venture it all went smoothly. Monkey bread seemed like a great idea and the perfect compliment to the chicken soup she wanted to make. I made the dough (used the mixer... why the hell haven't I done that before... wow! so much faster and easier!) and after it rose cut it into the pieces and Kid then helped me shape them and arrange them in the bundt pan. I was able to control my need to place the monkey bread balls in a symmetrical fashion and let Kid Furious put all the seasoned oil on the same spot over and over and didn't say a word (I was, however, silently screaming). The soup was actually a great experience. Kid Furious peeled carrots (and was very proud of herself!) and she dumped all the ingredients in the pot.. what else is there to do?

Kid's Chicken Soup (adapted from "C is for Cooking Recipes From the Street")

3 carrots, peeled
2 celery stalks
1/3 c peas
1 onion
1.5 pounds chicken drumsticks
1 can chicken broth
5 c water
1 bay leaf
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 t dried thyme
1 c uncooked alphabet noodles
1/2 T honey
1/2 t dried dill
1/2 t salt or to taste

In large saucepan, combine one carrot and one celery stalk cut into large pieces, the water, bay leaf, 1 t salt, thyme, and chicken legs. Bring to a boil over medium high heat. Reduce the heat to a simmer and cook uncovered for 1 hour. Meanwhile halve and thinly slice the 2 remaining carrots and celery stalk. After one hour drain the chicken stock through a sieve or fine colander and into a clean pot. Add the thinly sliced vegetables, pasta, peas, honey, remaining 1/2 t salt, and dill. Return to a simmer for 10 minutes. Separate the chicken meat from the bones and skin. Chop the meat and add back to the soup pot and heat through before serving.

6 - 1.5 c servings at 235 calories each

The original recipe lacked the honey, dill & peas. We have a much more elaborate chicken soup recipe that we usually make around here. Funny thing is by adding these 3 things to this I achieved almost an identical soup, with 1/2 the prep, 1/2 the ingredients, 1/2 the expense & 1/2 the cooking time!


Mr Furious said...

"...achieved almost an identical soup, with 1/2 the prep, 1/2 the ingredients, 1/2 the expense & 1/2 the cooking time!"

And half the aggravation! Since I'm the one who normally make the other soup—and I know that my cooking is actually more trouble for you than its worth...

Mr Furious said...

It's true. This soup was just as good as the other recipe.

Fat Fighter said...

Since I'm the one who normally make the other soup

That is a hotly contested fact folks!
Has he made the soup?... yes. Has he made it more than once?... yes. Is it the only thing he has successfully made for dinner?... yes.
But has he made it most of the time...hmmm... I'm not so sure about that!

Mrs Furious said...

Oh shoot that's my other account! It's me Mrs F!

michelline said...

The soup looks very good.

I'm very impressed with you letting the kid help out without traumatizing her. I'm way too anal in the kitchen. I do feel guilty that I'm shortchanging my kids. Both of them can make cereal and pop-tarts and that's about it. I was cooking blueberry muffins at 6 and scrambled eggs at 8. My mother has the patience of a saint.

Mrs Furious said...

I'm way too anal in the kitchen. I do feel guilty that I'm shortchanging my kids.

Thank god I am not the only one! ;)

I absolutely cannot bake with her without wanting to freak out.. I'm often overhead saying "you can mix it but keep EVERYTHING in the bowl!" ...I mean what the hell is so important?! ...It is sad since I love cooking so much and would (in theory) love to share that with her.

E. Broderick Photography said...

First--love the picture of the bread with Ruby in the distance, soup spoon poised...Awesome! Second--bravo! I can totally sympathize with the experience of biting your tongue watching Ruby cook. That's my experience watching pretty much anyone do anything in life! Sounds pretty arrogant, huh? Me in my head at any given moment: "Ew--how can she eat that without washing her hands first? Doesn't he feel that smudge of butter on his knuckle? Yuck--who opened the fridge last with sticky fingers? How can he staple his papers together so crooked?" And so on. Finn is not helping in the kitchen yet, but I wince pretty much every time I watch Tim load the dishwasher. Or sweep the floor. Or watch my mother-in-law cook...touch raw meat, then open a drawer, a cabinet, use the salt shaker, etc. all with raw chicken hands. Aaaahhh!

Mrs Furious said...

Being a perfectionist has its downside ;)

Matt and I pretty much can't be in the kitchen at the same time without me becoming homicidal!

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