Wednesday, March 19, 2008


This is a dress my mother bought for me for my 30th birthday... a good two years ago. At the time I was newly pregnant and I have no idea why she ordered it seeing as I my boobs had ballooned to 10x their natural size and I looked a good six months pregnant by the end of my first trimester (no joke). There was no possible way I could have fit in it... the bodice has boning for crying out loud. Well it has been stuck in my closet ever since. I never could try it on and I didn't know if it would ever fit. The funny thing is she bought it a size up and got me an 8 thinking I could take it in if it was too big. Too big! This is one of those crazy dress sizes because I can just zip myself in there and I'm a pretty solid size 2. Thank God she didn't get it any smaller. So this is one of those little weight loss moments for me. I can finally fit in this...

(as usual photo credits go to Kid... excuse the mess in that last shot)


Deb said...

I'm thinking mint juleps and a Kentucky Derby party would be the right setting for that dress. You'll need a great hat.

I love it.

Kiki said...

Mrs. F, I love the dress and think that the way the lines run is extremely flattering...if you could stand it... a heeled shoe would be just the thing, but not in white. I know this will cause some outcry but just trust me that white shoes are a no no for anyone over the age of 7. I think you are right Tim Gunn would be proud, Stacey London and whatishisname would be too.

Oh, ballet flats...that would be good too!! Anyway, I'm sure you'll find just the right thing, you always look great.

As for the "mess" my mom always says "a house unkempt cannot be so distressing as a life unlived", keep that in lead an inetersting life...isn't it proof enough when you look at the comments and see how many people connect with what you are saying?

Love the dress, your home is lovely as are you and your sweet family, you know I love the fashion!!

Haley said...

Shout out from India on the dress, Mrs. F -- super cute! I'm desperatly reconnecting to the outside world from the computer in our hotel in Agra. The trip's been fun, but I'm ready to get home!

Erin said...

Love that dress! You look great!

Shirls said...

I love that dress and its a huge NSV girl, wear it one day just cause, you don't need a official occasion then deciding to look damn fine..

Kid and Baby have easter dresses? well now so do you! you should totally dress up everyone and take a nice family easter picture :0)

michelline said...

How cute! And congrats on getting into it. It's so exciting to find a hidden gem (ie something new you haven't worn before ;) ) in your wardrobe.

Mrs. Furious said...

how's the Taj? Oh I remember having to take a crazy cart pulled by a cow down there... we thought we were going to die! I actually have a set of 4 marble elephants that march across a windowsill I got in a shop just across from the entryway.

katieo said...

"now someone just needs to invite me to something"
LOL! Does kid ever have tea parties?

You look great.

Mrs. Furious said...

Oh God a big hat would be great.

Have no fear I will wear heels (and not white... I would never wear white heels!!!). I actually have some cute little kitten heels that are a deep coral... so I think they'll work.
And I love your mom. She's one smart woman! :)
Thanks for the compliments Kiki!

Mrs. Furious said...

Erin & Michelline,
Thanks, thanks, thanks :)

"you don't need a official occasion then deciding to look damn fine.."
LOL... when I tried it on I was like "who's to say I can't just push the stroller around the block in this?" It does feel good to actually look good :)

I was just thinking I could take Kid out on a date to the desert restaurant, most people go after a fancy dinner elsewhere so I wouldn't be out of place. Kid LOVES it when I "look like a lady" ;)
In fact I have these black leather gloves (winter) and whenever I'm about to leave the house she asks "Don't you want your lady gloves?". You'd have to hear her say it but every time she says lady she really stretches out the "l" sound and it is hilarious!

Andrea said...

Hot mama, you look fabulous!

I want the recipe for your bacon & cheese strata this soundds yummy.

SawSaw said...

Dear Mrs. Furious

Oh my goodness you need to travel back in time to the 1950s on a warm Spring day and picnic with your husband and kids.

You look awesome.

I love that fashion is so cyclical and while that dress has a 1950s flair, it is definitely contemporary.

You wear it so well!


Southern Fried Girl said...

That is precious.

However, is it wrong that I was all "Oh, I dig her front door with all the glass."

Trust me, it's not to take away from the cuteness of the dress - I'm just a freak for cool stuff like that.

I should be studied.

katieo said...

"Don't you want your lady gloves?"

Cara said...

Wow you are quite the hottie!!

Heather said...

I agree with Deb, a great hat is clearly necessary! Love the dress and congrats to you. :)

Mrs. Furious said...

I'll post the recipe next week... I still have to dig through my box and find it ;)

Saw Saw,
Agreed... love the 1950s vibe!

thanks :)

The thought of actually going out in this dress and a hat makes me laugh... although I completely agree it would look great (in theory).

Jennifer said...

Such a pretty dress. Makes your waist look super tiny!

Tell Mr. F to man up and take you on a date!

Mr Furious said...

Tell Mr. F to man up and take you on a date!

In that get-up? I'd have to fight off Ronald McDonald and/or Fonzie first!


Seriously? Totally hot/cute. Mrs F rocks the vintage look.

eurydice said...

looks good - i love anything with retro vibes! :o)

Mrs. Furious said...

Mr F,
Ronald McDonald?! WTF?!? I'll deal with you later!

thanks it is a good optical illusion... since I'm about as up and down as you can get.

me too :)

Preppy Mama said...

That is one great dress! You look awesome in it.

Mrs. Furious said...

not weird at all... I always notice nice woodwork!

Mrs. Furious said...

Preppy Mama,
thank you :)

Mrs. Furious said...

Oh it's from Anthropologie if anyone was wondering.

Sherry/Shay said...

I love the dress!

Cantaloupe said...

Hey Mrs. F, yeah- dress- lovely- all well and good... can we please talk about your FREAKING CLAVICLES??? Gorgeous. Sorry, I'm a collarbone person...

Mrs. Furious said...

thanks guys!

thank you, thank you. I never had them before... well I did but they were covered with flesh... so it is one of my favorite things about the weight loss!

emmyjw said...

That dress rocks.You are such a fashionista !

P.O.M. said...

That is really adorable. And you can totally rock it anywhere! That Mr. F better "man up" as he says and take you somewhere nice :)

Mrs. Furious said...

Thanks Emmy :)

after tallying up all our finances I'm not sure that is going to happen for a while!
Thankfully it is too cold to wear it for a couple of months anyway ;)

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