Friday, April 17, 2009

The Journey Continues

I'm almost home... and then I'll be back to returning comments. Until then feel free to amuse yourselves by enlarging the picture of yours truly going down the giant inflatable slide... I look like I am possessed by the Devil... never mind the socks.


julie said...

Can't wait to hear more about the trip. Hope you all doing well!

Me, Only Better said...

You do look a little devilish (=

That is a beautiful dress in the bottom picture!

Hope you are having a fabulous holiday!

Preppy Mama said...

Oh that slide picture is priceless, I love your socks!

Claire said...

Hey - how is your tailbone doing with all the travelling? I've been thinking of you doing all that riding in a car. Love the slide!

Christy said...

OMG my kids also sport that "we are in the van and we are really into this movie" face. Hahahaha!

Kiki said...

I love the pic of you with your precious sweet. That dress is amazing, even if it isn't "the one".

Hope your trip is wonderful, you were a major highlight for Heather, she thinks you and your family are lovely (duh) and I was relieved that you got to meet her. It felt like sending family to be with her, she is always homesick for a sister....but you assauged (sp?) that for her.

So can't wait for you to get back and see how the rest of the trip went!!!

Mrs Furious said...

Well... the butt has been better. It wasn't as bad as I feared but since we did two LONG car days (12 hours) that was a lot of sitting. Mr F drove so I could sit on alternating hips. Going down the big slide was a mistake though ;)

We loved meeting your sister.. she's great and really reminded me of people I would chose to know...(if you know what I mean) Your niece and nephew are beyond charming... which you already know. And J?!... hilarious! After meeting them we are more seriously looking at PA jobs ;)

Mrs Furious said...

It was hilarious... I'd be like "look, look, it's Times Sq!" And Kid would be like "I see it... now can you turn the movie back on?"

It went really well. Details to come. I might need to start that 2nd blog though for some of it ;)

Me, Only Better,
Agreed on the dress... we saw about 40. Now when I see the pictures that one might be my fav.
And... yeah... my eyes are CRAZY.

Preppy Mama,
I felt like such a fool having to put socks on!

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