Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Confidence Booster

"Let's get your shoes on, Dad's driving you to school." I say to Kid this morning.

"He is?" Kid asks surprised.

"Have you seen me this morning? I'm not even dressed." I return.

"I don't even have a bra on." I continue.

Kid grabs my neckline and quickly looks down my shirt.

"You don't wear a bra at night? I thought women wore their bras all the time." Kid says.

"Nope. They're really uncomfortable to sleep in." I explain.

"So your boobs are just sloped?" Kid asks.

"I think that men would find that really unattracting." Kid speculates.


Kiki said...

Oh gosh, a cow bra just made me giggle, I love that is where her mind went-so awesome!!!

Gigs said...

Through you I see what I'm missing out on by not having a daughter... hilarious.

Torey said...

I'm dying thinking about a cow tripping over it's REALLY BIG Nipples. That sounds like something Guppy would ask.


STACI said...

I love where Kid's mind goes. :)

Thanks for the laugh.

PS~Happy to have the Furious family back in MI. ;)

julie said...

I think that men would find that really unattracting." Kid speculates. That is funny. Kid is boy crazy!

Mrs Furious said...

I'm thinking the breastfeeding experience makes her automatically think of boobs in terms of milk... so... cows aren't far to follow ;)


this is after her detailed hypothesis about what human boobs would do if not properly strapped down for running. "they'd just be going crazy?!!"
It never occurred to her that bras served a purpose before.

Thank you ...it's good to be back :)

it is no joke.
She came home and revealed with horror that he is allergic to cats!!! Oh No! Then she admitted he probably wasn't going to come over anyway.

julie said...

Oh God, I love this kid.

Gigs said...

I think it's so cute that she thinks "men" would find loose boobs "unattracting"... well, I'm sure she'll come to see the reality of that situation all in good time... :)

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