Tuesday, September 7, 2010

This Keeps Happening

Another year another Back to School photo shoot:
Yipes! She looks a little too cool in that one!

There that is better.

Good grief it's early! I might need to have 2 cups of coffee before we head out tomorrow.

And we're off...


Supermom said...

COOL!!! We have that same backpack!!!

Miss you!

Gigs said...

Looks like socks don't have to be an issue today! Good luck to Kid - hope all goes great!

BTW, re: Mrs. Schwartzenberger...could her teacher have a longer name? No wonder she wanted to practice!

Claire said...

Love the t-shirt!!! And Gigs is right about the teacher's name!!!

Mrs Furious said...

That is only because I bought her new little tennis style socks so she can't pull them up!
16 letters! We kept telling her she'd probably go by Mrs S or something... but she mastered it anyway.

last year she called her teachers by their first name... so the whole Mrs issue was already weird to her... then that name!

miss you guys too...

Torey said...

so???? how did it go????

Mrs Furious said...

She loved it! :)
Huge relief. I just wish every day was a 1/2 day like today.

Casey said...

We too have that same backpack!

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