Saturday, January 8, 2011


A whole bunch of new dogs are at the Humane Society. I've been waiting for some *smaller* non-puppies to show up.
I just found out that Wednesday is half-price adoption day.
So, check back Thursday to see what I've gotten myself into...

His nose reminds me of Putty's.... what can I say? He's cute. He looks like an old timer and that's endearing. He's only 1.

He is a surrendered family dog given up due to allergies. He is allegedly good with kids. I like his smiley face. He's 2. (P.S. Doesn't he look just like Bob, Mom?)

She is not small... despite appearances... she's part Basset Hound. But, as her name suggests, she is supposed to be very laid back and sweet natured. She's 1.


lucinda said...

He does look like Bob. SweetPea is the homliest dog I've ever seen. I like dogs with some fluff to them. :-)

Marilyn said...

How exciting! I know you've had dogs before, but I have to let you know that I have two dogs and I wish I had asked more questions about my second dog before I adopted him. He's a Border Collie mix and so adorable, but he's very high strung. He's just a nervous dog with a lot of energy. Our other dog is very laid back and so much easier. Have fun -- I love dogs and it'll be a great addition to your family!

trifitmom said...

mrs f. if you go there you are so brave. i want to badly but i know the work and i am not willing yet. YET.

if you go for it - sweetpea is my vote.

trifitmom said...

now i want sweetpea

Alexandra said...

I'm a little jealous! Good luck - can't wait to see the winner :)

Smoochiefrog said...

I like Sweeny, but will tell you that Sweetpea will be very, very mellow...most of the time. It depends on how much Basset she has in her. Clyde can be very mellow, but every one in awhile he'll go nuts and run around the table about 10 times, barking like a loon the whole time. Then he'll collapse on his rug and not move for about 3 hours. Yeah, that about sums up a Basset.

Mrs Furious said...

You pretty much just sold me Sweetpea. That's exactly the energy level I like in a dog.

HC said...

Oh God... The eyes... MY EYES!

Can you take all three? That would be fun, right... right?


Sigh. I want a little canine buddy.

Julie said...

Kelvin looks like he should have a plaid bowtie on and a pipe in his mouth.

We may be getting dog over here in crazyville. Seriously, do you think this will be helpful for Murphy or make me want to run away?? Well, more than usual;).

Mrs Furious said...

I think it will be helpful. Seriously.

Sweeny & Sweetpea were adopted yesterday!!!! GAH! So much for being cheap. We're headed down today.

trifitmom said...

julie & Mrs. F - i have my concerns about a dog with my ocd girl. i know that it is helpful on some fronts, every one in my family and my inlaws have dogs and she loves loves being around them. however i also see her get obsessed about the dog and if the dog does not do what she wants she can't let go of it and chases it. i for one think right now we (mostly she) is not ready. i would love to her updates on how it works for you guys.

Mrs Furious said...

Ah, yeah, that sounds more difficult. We had Canine all of Kid's life, so I'm not worried about it, on that front. She's has had a terrible time sleeping the last few weeks, and I'm actually hoping if we can get a good bond going, she might be less afraid in her room. We'll see. All animals that enter this house end up bonding to me and not the kids as I'd like... so... this could be a pipe dream!

trifitmom said...

mrs f.
i forgot you had canine - i am thinking of trying melatonin to help her at night.

Gigs said...

You know I'm a cat girl, partly out of laziness (a dog is SO much more work!), but I do love kitties...However, your dog choices were so adorable!!! I can't believe they are getting snapped up so quick...can't wait to see who you end up with!

Nutmeg said...

Oh no! I wanted you to have sweet pea!

Good luck!

Mrs Furious said...

I can't believe it either! I'm so disappointed. Every time I find a dog I like, this has been happening for the last couple months, it gets adopted! Obviously I have good taste. ;)

me too... laid back is just what you want in a dog.

P/F said...

Kelvin looks like he could be head of state. I suppose that in a house full of ladies, Mr. F could use some backup.

Julie said...

We actually had a dog for 6 weeks when Murphy was 3 1/2. It was not a good idea at all at that time. He was obsessive to the point of craziness. I had never had a dog before. Murphy was still in diapers, Jack had a speech disorder/delay. Plus, we had a whole lot of other stuff going on and thought we were moving across the country. We ended up finding a super new home for the puppy. I felt horrible, but there was no way I could move across the country with all of the wackiness. In the end, we did not relocate, but it still was the most sane decision at that time.

I think now is much better for all of us. I just have to make sure that I am up for the challenge and that it will be a good thing for the family and not make things crazier.

You definitely don't want to make life more difficult. Not that having a dog/puppy is ever easy (especially in the beginning), but I remember how challenging it was here with Murphy back then. Dark days for me.

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