Wednesday, March 2, 2011

For White Coats

Last night, while lying in bed, Mr F was waxing poetically about his new shampooing technique.

Mr F - "Kid's hair looks gorgeous tonight"

Mr F went on for sometime about how far he put the shampoo and where he applied the conditioner. Mrs F was mostly rolling her eyes. How to handle Kid's knots can be a point of contention between the two of them. Mr F has a tendency to forget that Mrs F has been washing long hair successfully for several decades.

Mr F - "I used that new foaming shampoo"

Mrs F - rolls over and gives Mr F the "what?!" face.

Mr F - "The one that squeezes out of the bottom."

Mrs F - processes this information with a concerned look.

Mr F- face freezes in a look of panic.

Mrs F - "The dog shampoo?!!"

Mr F - panic turns to hysterical laughing.

Mrs F - "You just used that on the dog... like 2 weeks ago."

Mr & Mrs F - more hysterical laughing.

Mr F - "I thought I remembered using it."

Mrs F - "You know what is funny? When the kids came in after their bath, I actually said 'Your hair smells fantastic!'"

Mr & Mrs F - hysterical laughing.

Mrs F - "Well, it is organic. I'm sure it's okay."

Mrs F - gets up to go to the bathroom. checks the shampoo label.

Mrs F - "I don't think it will be a problem. But, it is "Whitening Shampoo", you know, for white coats."

Mr F - crying with laughter

Mr F - "I saw that"

Mrs F - "Well, what did you think that meant?!"

Mr F - "I was like 'What the Fuck?!'"

Mrs F - "But it says "For White Coats' what did you think that meant?"

Mr & Mrs F - both crying

Mr F - "Does it really say that?"

Mrs F - "Yes"

Mr F and Mrs F finally start to calm down.

Mr F - "You know, the problem is that it doesn't look like dog shampoo, it looks like kids shampoo."

Mrs F - "Well, it doesn't have a picture of a dog on it.... but... it is called Paw-ganics"

Mr F - gets up and goes to the bathroom to read the bottle. Uproarious laughter echos off the walls.

Mr & Mrs F - cry themselves to sleep.

I told Kid this morning. "Did he really?!" Kid asks laughing. "He actually said 'This shampoo works great, I'm going to use it over and over again!'"


Julie said...

So funny. Felt like I was there:)

trifitmom said...

could you both please reenact this episode and film

Smoochiefrog said...

Nice! Well, at least her coat will be full and luscious. :)

Holly said...

OMG, hilarious. Thank you for the laugh! (Now I'm all the more glad I stole a moment to read your blog at work...)

Andrea said...

wow I died this is hilarious. I pretty sure my husband wouldve done the same if its within reach he assumes its for the kids.

Karen said...

I am actually crying from laughter at my desk at work. That is to funny.

Shirls said...


Gigs said...

That story was hilarious. The telling was genius. You guys are awesome. How classic is it that he saw that it said "for white coats" and used it anyway? Such a "dad" move... Thank you, thank you for a needed laugh today!

kelly said...

Oh, man. My stomach hurts from laughing.
That bit about the white coats was just too much... I'm dying over here. So funny!

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