Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Congrats Mr F

Mr F won a design award for his work on his current magazine.
He's being annoyingly humble about it.
I'm proud of you, Mr F.
Despite the circumstances (which might make getting recognized a bit harder) ....
the work YOU are doing is still getting noticed in the outside world.


Julie said...

yay! Congrats.

Brina said...

woohooo - heartfelt congrats all the way from germany: you go, mr f!! :D

...there isn't a link you could share, huh? *nosyme*

Torey said...

Congrats to Mr. F!

Kokoa's Mom said...

Not just congrats to Mr. F, but how nice that you are so proud of him and are putting that out there. Sad to say, not everyone has that kind of support in their marriage.

Mrs Furious said...

I can't find a link.. maybe Mr F will bring home is crazy gold medal & I can find out more. He's being very nonchalant. Gold medal=big deal.

Kokoa's Mom,
marriage plan in action;)
I know he kind of took a risk for me in taking this position so that I could move back. He kind of took one step back career wise because that is all that was available here. And I am really sorry about that. Our overall stability & certainly my personal happiness is better... but I do like to acknowledge every once in a while that I know he had to swallow his ego. I'm really glad he has gotten some recognition!

Gigs said...

Good job for both of you backing each other up. Gold medal definitely=big deal. Nice!

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