Friday, June 17, 2011

vacation review 6-17


Joseph and Katy said...

I haven't watched the video yet, but your hair is really growing! It is looking cute! Off to watch the video now...

Kiki said...

Here's the deal: the "real world" is hard enough, home is where you get your calm on....sleep in, stay up late-who cares if your kids are getting enough sleep. Which they are!

Not to mention; your kids are really well behaved and lovely to be with...better than ill mannered, cranky pants kids I see in the store, with their equally badly behaving mothers.

People are dumb, that's what I say.

Mrs Furious said...

It really is coming in! I'm shocked when I look back on the blog and see how much it has changed in 2 months. Of course with the humidity of summer I know remember how insane my hair can be ;)

Ugh I'm so upset over this... because I was really trying hard not to have any issues with this person. Obviously, now I do!!! I know I should just move on, but it is really offensive when someone criticizes my parenting. Also, should make clear that she isn't just someone w/o kids... she doesn't like kids/doesn't want kids... and finds kids annoying in general.

Gigs said...

I have one in my family that does have kids, but doesn't approved of my parenting style, even though my kids out perform hers in the behavior category every time (even K, with all his stuff!). Sometimes it drives me crazy, sometimes I can just roll with it, but I definitely feel your pain. Seriously, there are bigger issues in our family too! Like the time her son took a croquet mallet to his brother... anywho... And the commentary on the house when you got home... YES!! I also always try to leave the house clean when we go. Who wants to come home to squalor? Let's write that off to ADD for both our husbands... And finally, in my optinion, there is no need to "prepare" kids for the real world when they are under 10. My almost 15 year old had a small melt down recently from all the pressures of his studies and other commitments, and I have to remind him that he's still a kid and doesn't need to worry so much. It was heartbreaking. Maybe, just maybe, what you're teaching you kids is that you don't need to worry and stress over inconsequential things. That would be an invaluable lesson for any kid.

Sorry for such a long response, but I loved this video... related on so many levels, and loved hearing what's up with you and crew!

P/F -Amy said...

When I sat down to watch your video, I ran over to the kitchen to get an iced coffee first, made me laugh that you were also drinking iced coffee.

Your growing-out hair looks cute and extremely tame especially considering the humidity.

When family gets together, sometimes the only thing they have in common is judgment *ahem-my family* and they grasp at anything they can find to criticize. I get so disappointed from visiting my family for more than 2 or 3 days that I long ago decided on that limit.

By the way, I was NEVER a morning person even through college, but I am totally a morning person now. So much for never being able to live in the real world. Last I checked, we all live in the real world. (I'm originally from the east coast so I can say this, is it me or do you find much more "It has to be done this way" sentiment over there? My mom's English so she is even more into the 'proper' way to do things. Luckily, my husband was *pretty much* able to deprogram me.)

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