Monday, July 25, 2011

Postcard from The Furious Clan

We've been traveling A LOT this summer. It's been nice to get out and visit with family... but, as you all know, it's also work.

And I spend my 5 or so days of turn around at home trying to recoup my energy for the next go round, taking the kids to swimming lessons (or drowning lessons if you are Baby), and doing laundry. Thankfully it's been so hot and miserable I've been able to scrap all gardening & yard work (which I had already scrapped... but now my neighbors are doing it, too and aren't judging me for it any longer).

P.S. I have found watching THIS on my laptop (or anything, really) while doing laundry allows me to get from stain treating all the way through putting things away without feeling bored and tortured. In fact it feels a little frivolous.

I think I'll probably get back to blogging with some kind of regularity when my life gets back to some kind of regularity. Late August-ish? Possibly.

Wondering about the 5 a day fruit veggie challenge? Still kicking ass. Amazing.

Wondering about the marriage plan? WAS still kicking ass. WAS amazing... then I went out of town all the time and Mr F stopped doing it. We're back on it starting today. Which I guess is diagnostic in and of itself. It did actually work.

Wondering about our $5/week giveaway to strangers? Never really worked the way I wanted. Kid and I are sponsoring a child through The Pearl S Buck Foundation.

We're also hoping to volunteer at the local food bank this Fall, one day a week, while Baby is at preschool.

Speaking of the Fall, I'm in the midst of hardcore curriculum planning. Which is both exciting and daunting.

But I'm mostly overwhelmed getting all of the kids schedules in order... there is a lot of stuff going down...

like Baby is starting *for real* dance... with costumes and all... get ready for that cute attack!

Plus.... preschool, horseback riding, swimming, Brownies (remember I'm now a leader & fucking cookie mom... sounded doable at the time...), Kid's elective school day, guitar lessons, and the Toldeo Zoo School. I'm already hyperventilating just thinking about how I'm going to manage all of that and get dinner ready... you know... it's a nightmare. I have one day a week where I will have to drive to Ann Arbor and back THREE TIMES. That's the way the cookie crumbles this year. (Hey, I heard there is going to be an electric RAV4... I'm holding out for that... much more family friendly).

Weight management? Um... I'm managing. I hate to even write about it... but then I think EVERYONE can relate to this on going battle I have with myself. I want to get back on it, it just (truthfully) is SO HARD when you have fallen off the wagon. I can get going but I just can't keep it going. I just keep restarting. At least I do keep restarting. I'm really struggling with what I really want from myself, and how much I'm willing to put into it. The usual. But the truth is I'm spending a lot of time hating on myself and I need to cut that out or stick with my program. Even knowing how easy it is to maintain a program once you get it really going... it is just so hard to get that ball rolling. Any little thing can derail you. And the truth is... it is very hard for me to make myself a priority... and with the kids getting older and having all of their activities... it just is that much harder to find a consistent time THAT WORKS FOR ME. It takes effort and when something is already hard to do... doing something that takes effort to fit in...well... sometimes (most times) that's all it takes to stall me again. I'm still trying. And I'm still hopeful I can get back on top of it. Last week I did two 75 minute workouts... and that felt great... and doable.. but then I went out of town again, and I feel like I'm back to square one. So for now... I'm trying to give it my all on the days I manage to find the time... hopefully that will add up to something. At least keep me maintaining, and maybe as things get more normal... it will even start to get me on the losing track. We'll see.


Deb said...

Your list sounds like my list, if I weren't afraid to make a list. Because I'm certain I, too, would hyperventilate. Hang in there.

Jenny The Bold said...

Why don't you just try and exercise for 1/2 hour per day? Don't make it so hard right now. You will eventually get back into it-just start slow.

Gigs said...

I remember when I thought things would get "easier" as the kids got older, but I'm right there with you... the schedules, activities, appointments... It is much harder to juggle and manage it all as they get older. Especially when you can't just cart the younger one around, when they too have their own things. Though I have lately been melancholy about how few summers I have left with my I guess I need to embrace the chaos and realize how much I will miss it when it's gone. It looks like you are having a great summer. Baby on the potty? Priceless. Plans to volunteer at the food bank? Awesome. Weight management off track? No worries-you've done it before, you can do it again. At least that's what I keep telling myself, about myself. Thanks for the catch up post!

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