Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Inquiring Minds Want To Know

"I'm just wondering, but why do you and Dad sometimes say 'What the fuck'"? Kid asks before dinner

(definitely trying to draw attention away from her unfinished school work on the table)

"Well... it means 'I can't believe that just happened?'" Mrs F says after a good chuckle.

"And I don't say that very often... Dad does." Mrs F clarifies.

"True." Kid says.

P.S. I'm not lying, I prefer "frick-frack-paddywhack" when I'm with the kids, or "shiitake mushrooms". Yep. I'm all kinds of badass.


Kim said...

We had a similar discussion the other day. We're getting a lot of "trying" naughty words lately. My three year old came downstairs tonight after we put him to bed and said, "Don't be mad. I gotta crap." Oh great - well that's just fine then. I'm sorry - is he 80?

Julie said...


Julie said...

ps. you can tell i have had limited time lately by my extremely short comments;)

trifitmom said...

shut the front door

Mr Furious said...

I never heard "shut the front door" until we watched "The Kids Are Alright," and I was rarin' to work that into the lexicon. Then, like a week later it was in some stupid cereal commercial or something, and it sucked all the wind out of it.

I try to go with expletives such as "son of a... " or, "motherf..." they allow the release/satisfaction I demand, yet can be reigned in before it's too late in particular situations.

Mr Furious said...

Sonofabitch. "Reined."

(note: the iPad autocorrect wanted that to be "Sonora itch." that could be a new approach...)

Mrs Furious said...

Mr F,
let's be real... you do not rein it in.
And you prefer "Jesus Fucking Christ!" about 95% of the time.

"I'm sorry - is he 80?"

the funniest thing about people as they age is how much more freely they swear. It's kind of amazing.

you and me both
I'm freaking exhausted these days.

did you see the Modern Family where Phil thought WTF meant "why the face?"... hilarious

Deb said...

I didn't realize how frequently I say, "What the...?" until my tiny one said it. A few times. My husband gave me the stink eye after the third time he heard her. I pointed out that neither she nor I say the actual f-word (anymore). He is not on board.

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