Saturday, September 24, 2011

Let's Just Say We Won't Be Going Back...

"Girls with ears?! Okay, you are a huge dork... but... a man... A MAN... a man with a tail?! I want to bludgeon you with your lance." Mr F recaps.

"I thought this was a Robin Hood festival, but really it was a pirate festival." Baby recaps.

It was basically like a Furry convention exploded into a Dungeons and Dragons convention which exploded into a casting call for a bad (really bad) pirate movie.

It was terrible, and that doesn't even count that it was cold and raining and that we actually PAID to go.

There was nothing Renaissance about it. I'm actually pretty pissed that they have schools come up for a learning experience.

None of it... none of it... not the pirates, the elfs, the fairies, OR THE FACT THAT IT WAS SET IN THE WRONG TIME PERIOD AND PLACE... had anything to do with the Renaissance.

And while it's true, we aren't really dressing up people, I can totally get into and respect some decent reenactment stuff.

This was just some people taking themselves a little too seriously at a bad Halloween party.

The fact that they had it ALL WRONG... and yet still had an annoying over the top smugness about them... made it all the more embarrassing to behold.

As I was trying to check out if this is just a bad Renaissance Festival or par for the course, I stumbled on this article...

"Will The Real Renaissance Please Stand Up"

and laughed my ass off through it. It was like he had attended the same fair (minus all the cool stuff he saw in the last paragraph of his article). So apparently, our experience was just par for the course.


Gigs said...

Sorry it was disappointing, but awesome that baby was not impressed with the pirate festival!

Mrs Furious said...

Oh it was amateur hour. I thought it would be something more legitimate. Oh course I did have a migraine... so it would have taken a bit more to impress me.
Worst part was Mr F took the day off to go w/me & the kids... I think he pretty much wanted to kill himself.

Smitty said...

Which one did you go to? Not the one in Holly?

Mrs Furious said...

It was the one in Holly. I don't know if it sucked more than usual, or if the Friday is more lame than the weekends... but it was a major disappointment.

Smitty said...

We go to the one in Holly every year with the boys. Jen and I spend a great deal of time laughing; indeed, there may be a grand total of 15 accurate costumes in the whole place.

We go for the jousting and sword fights. in a few more years, Isaac will realize how lame the jousts are and how nobody really gets knocked off a horse. I actually suspect he gets it already, but is still too turned on by the thought of it to care. Or perhaps he's just being nice to mom and dad.

In the end, you're so right. It is anything but an honest "faire." But the boys like the armor, the joust is fun, we watch the Highland games for a minute, and get out before the costumes get worse as the booze flows. The people watching is spec-fucking-tacular.

Smitty said...

Holy crap that link is hysterical. Yeah...that sums it up.

My favorite? The weekend we went, we saw Jedi.


Mrs Furious said...

I think the weekend might have been better and had more events and better staffing. Coming off of our most excellent circus experience, our entertainment expectations were just too high (taking the day off of work added more pressure as well). Highland games I could get into... we just had a bunch of fairy wings and fox ears.

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