Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bust Out The Snow Pants, Peeps

We are definitely going sledding tomorrow!


Julie said...

And here in the northeast, it will be another early summer day. WTF?! It was 70 degrees yesterday. I am someone who likes seasonally appropriate weather.

Smitty said...

Got a foot of snow in lovely DeWitt. Wet, thick snow that clogged my snowblower's...blower, so I had to shovel, breaking my back. Because it was that wet snow. Trees are down everywhere, and powerlines with 'em.

Fortunately, we have buried utilities, so we had power, but lost cable. And when we lose cable, we lose phone and the interwebs too. is a family to entertain themsleves with no intertubenet and tv?

Oh. Yeah. Snowball fight!!

Mrs Furious said...

wow! We only got about 4 inches. Enough to get some decent tracks going down our bunny sledding hill, though. I'm really hoping they ice over tonight. God, I love sledding. I should probably be embarrassed.

We've also had some super unseasonably warm weather all fall, I wasn't sure we'd get any snow this early. And I agree, I like for the seasons to line up correctly.

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