Wednesday, December 21, 2011


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(P.S. My favorite one)

I found that site last night, right after Mr F was fumbling around the kitchen at 3 AM (believe it... we're all kinds of crazy) trying to help me find my piping tips. It was hilariously fitting. (P.S. He was already up working... I didn't wake him up for this... just to be clear, I'm not that crazy)

I realize I didn't put my giveaway up in time for many of you to be able to enter in time. I'm sorry :( Next year I'll do better.
I just wasn't sure I'd be able to pull it off until I hit a sugar high, fueled by a massive consumption of clementines, coffee, & burned caramel corn.

Then I lost my mind and stayed up until 3:30 making these...

and these...

in the wee hours of the morning, all I could see was success...
And it was GLORIOUS. (I think I even heard some angels singing in the background)

Unfortunately, the sugar wore off some time in the night (er... later morning) and I stumbled out to the kitchen when I woke up

and all I could see was this...

and this...

and this...

And the first thing out of Baby's mouth, was "Can we make cookies today?"

And I kind of wanted to cry.

But I couldn't muster it because I had the shakes from severe sugar withdrawal.

So, I called Mr F and said "We're going out to dinner, tonight."

But, I did it!
(This year we made Iced Sugar Cookies, Gingersnaps, White Chocolate Covered Peppermint JoJos, Rolo Pretzel Turtle Bites, and of course some holiday tunes and a little cloved clementine for good measure.) Recipes HERE and HERE)

And if I hadn't had that unfortunate caramel corn incident, I probably would have been done at a more reasonable time.

At least this year I had some super eager helpers, one of whom would REALLY like you to know that she did the one on the bottom NOT the one on the top.(as if there was any question).


Kiki said...

Mrs F., I totally would have entered-but I always feel guilty-I think other people should I didn't enter. I figure, we're friends already-that is gift enough! XO

Mrs Furious said...

You're the best. I really wish we lived in the same place.

Julie said...

I totally missed this, too. That's okay, I just realized that I was the only one to eat an entire tub of the triple ginger cookies from Trader Joe's that I was supposed to use as the crust for a cheesecake I am making tomorrow. It was the only thing I ate throughout the day along with coffee. Thankfully, I don't do crafts or I would have been right there with you, Mrs F, up until 3:30.

I figure, we're friends already-that is gift enough!
Oh, Kiki. You really know how to make people feel terrific. You always lift us up!

I wish we all lived in the same place, too.

Gigs said...

Gah! I missed it too. And despite my terrible holiday dietary transgressions, I totally would have entered, because that's how I roll...not that I don't value your friendship and all, you know...I just can't pass up on sugary goodness. :)
Happy Holidays to you!

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