Monday, January 9, 2012

The Shame


Gigs said...

Oh, I don't think he's feeling any shame. I think he looks very pleased with himself!

Julie said...

Awesome. Just awesome.

Smitty said...

Poor bastard. Poor, poor bastard.

I look at his eyes...I don't see hate. No; I see resignation. If cats understood blackmail, I'd show our cat your pic.

Our cat may have PTSD.

Kinder said...

That's funny! We have a girl who dresses up our cats! Thanks for the Christmas Card - It was a lovely surprise after work today!

Annie said...

haha...just wait till they get their hands on a new sibling!

Angie said...

are you submitting to dexter library dress up animal contest?

Mrs Furious said...

jeez! That took a long time to get there! Kind of glad it wasn't the cookies or they would have been hard as rocks!

Ha! I didn't even think of it. We can definitely do better than this, he's been known to sport a pioneer bonnet in the past.

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