Wednesday, February 22, 2012

On Insight and Supersight

Yesterday, while driving Kid to drop off Girl Scout cookie orders, we had an interesting conversation. During our years as a family, we've come across more than a few families that allow their children to have as much (or more) power than the parents. This has a lot of ramifications, but most notably, I find, are tantrums (long past toddlerhood), anger, and rudeness.
Anyway... this is what Kid had to say about it...

"If you are a kid and you are allowed to make all the decisions, your brain starts to think 'Control! I love being in charge!', when actually, NO, it's making you super stressed out and angry." Kid sums up for me, from the back seat.

Preach it, sister.


"Look into my eyes." Baby asks mysteriously.

"How many eyes do I have?" Baby prompts.

"Two." Mrs F replies.

"Look harder." Baby commands.


lucinda said...

I was sharing the hilarious eye story and that woman reminded me of the trick we learned in scholl of staring unfocused at someone's eyes and they appear to turn into a cyclops. It works. You just do have to try harder. :-)

Mrs Furious said...

I think she thought I was going to find more eyes. I did get my face touching hers and said "one?" She was disgruntled and told me I had 17... then said "You must have an alien's head."

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