Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cookie Caper

Someone stole our troop's cookies from our town's cookie cupboard.

Equal parts hilarious and infuriating.


Julie said...

Wow. That is just mean and completely messed up.

Mrs Furious said...

Totally crazy. It's been a long 18 hours trying to figure this out and get them back. The woman who took them, is from another troop, crossed off our troop number on the receipt and took ours. So weird and thoughtless. So I drove for 30 mins and got nothing, and she's refusing to give ours up until someone delivers her replacement cookies. Even though they've explained that they are not her cookies! They aren't even the same order of cookies... wacky. Of course, now a thousand dollars of merchandise I'm financially responsible for is being held hostage. Hopefully no one will be surprised when I quit the troop.

Gigs said...

Holy cow. That's pretty nuts. I can't believe she won't give them back. Is this a matter for the police?

Mrs Furious said...

That would make a pretty amusing police report. I was wondering how far GS would take it, or if they'd just replace mine and write it off. The head cookie people got it worked out with her and brought my cookies to me, tonight. It does sound like she was being difficult about it right up until the end, though.

Gigs said...

I love that there are actually people who are "head cookie people". :) Glad it worked out and you're not on the hook for anything!

Smitty said...

I'm scratching my head, trying to figure out just how this lady's solution made sense to anyone. Anywhere.

In essence, she held another troop's cookies hostage until someone else unrelated to these cookies gave her the correct amount she ordered.

GS cookies...taken hostage.

Cookie terrorism.

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