Friday, March 16, 2012

video of damage

This video was shot by someone in our driveway, that's me you hear and it opens looking in our front yard then spans around to the street and the house across the street. This does not show our house which is a fair ways up behind me... but I think you get the gist of the destruction.


Julie said...

Holy shit.
I had no idea that tornadoes came up to Michigan. THis is crazy.

Gigs said...

Looks like you did all the right things. I remember being scared to death of tornadoes, the warnings and sirens, when I was growing up in Ohio, but we never had one hit our neighborhood. I hope the girls are doing alright. So sad to see the aftermath. Wish we could be there with our chain saws...after our storm in October, we're all experts at cutting up the big trees. Mother nature is really letting us have it this year.

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