Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Found out our driveway repair will be covered (most likely).


Not awesome that when the adjuster came last Friday, they didn't notice the tree on the house (?!!!?!?!?!). WTF?

Which means it's going to be a while before we can start to get the house rebuilt/repaired.


Smitty said...

F***ing insurance companies look for any way they can to get out of paying you what you are paying them for. It makes me...



Glad the driveway is covered. It was a neat study in root systems, but makes parking hard, play dangerous and, you know, serves as a dandy reminder of recent events which is JUST what you want right now MIRITE??

wootini said...

Wait, what?! The GIANT tree that was on your house? Kinda hard to miss. I hate insurance.

Torey said...

Well. you can't blame the insurance company. It was only a 75 foot tree laying on your roof. Very easy to miss. ;)

Glad the driveway is covered. You missed me typing a text message and almost falling right into that hole. It would have been AWESOME!

How bad is the damage to the house? Did you get a Tarp up on the roof?
How is the rest of the roof? Lots of people lost shingles from wind.

Do you guys need anything else?

Mrs Furious said...

I know, so crazy. You would have had to been either blind, or the most negligent insurance adjuster ever. We're hoping blind, because otherwise the fury is going to start boiling.

We signed with a restoration contractor so it's now all tarped up professionally. There is a lot more damage up there then we thought, so I'm glad it's done right, now.

And for real, that hole is extremely dangerous... I'm terrified the kids will fall in. I'm hoping they get on that ASAP.

right now we're just waiting to see what the official peeps say we can do.

Andrea said...

let's hope blind I mean really miss a whole tree on a house hmm, not so bright! Glad the whole is covered.

Gigs said...

Just show them some of your photos of the tree on your house. Pretty obvious, I'd say. WTF?

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