Sunday, April 1, 2012

Paying The Taxes

and watching the General Conference.


katieo said...


Mrs Furious said...

I know it's hard to understand... but... yes, seriously. I usually just watch it online, but since I'm OBSESSED with Turning Point (greatest documentary program on television EVER... Mr F agrees!), I happened to catch it live today. Also, did you see the 5000 Days Project: Two Brothers on yesterday? So good. So good. I'm really looking forward to more in that series.

katieo said...

oh no, not hard to understand, I love GC.
just funny.

5000 Days Project: Two Brothers: I know! It's fascinating. (I couldn't actually watch it for a long time - you know their names are Luke and Sam, right?) I got over it though, it's a really great series.

turning point? Just googled it - awesome! I hadn't heard of it before! (thus proving your point...)

Mrs Furious said...

Turning Point... get the kleenxes out! So inspiring and moving, and really a first rate documentary program... (nothing Mormon about it.. for other people who might be wondering).

Luke & Sam... I know! I thought of you guys. Their mom, thinking she'd lost Sam during the earthquake?! Cried my eyes out. And then when Sam & Luke can only see each other for a few minutes in the course of a 4 year separation?... that got Kid to get choked up thinking about how sad it would be to not see her sister for so long. Really made me think about the missionary experience in a different way.

katieo said...

turning point: uh yeah. just BAWLED my eyes out at the couple and their 21 adopted children.
really. still sniffling.

hilarious that you're my guide to good byutv.

Mrs Furious said...

byutv is what pbs used to be

Tell Luke and Sam to look for Ruby on campus 2021 ;)
I'm only kind of kidding...

Amy said...

You are so fucking confusing to me.

Mrs Furious said...

maybe I was Mormon in another life?

I can't really explain it. Except to say that if I could go back to school, I'd love to be a professor of religious & cultural studies. I'm just into it. I'm mostly into religions that are so encompassing that they are a culture in and of themselves... I get it, I support it, I think it's a beautiful thing...yet, I don't have the ability to have that traditional understanding of faith for myself. It's just not my personal understanding of life.

But I totally get stuff out of the General Conferences talks, not just on a interest in understanding Mormonism but on a personal and practical level...particularly the family oriented ones. A lot of it is relevant to my life, but I also listen to sermons from several different churches on a regular basis... and feel the same way. I'm not traditionally religious, but I have the same values and goals and there really aren't good speakers just lining up to talk about that without the whole religious side of things. So I take it for what is purposeful to me.

When I was looking at where to send the kids to school I was totally on board with sending them to the Jewish Day School... except it's half day in Hebrew which I figured would be a bit problematic. I also looked up the Islamic Day School here to see how much it was and if you had to be Muslim. I think religion is a beautiful gift, and I'd be happy for my kids to be exposed to that (in any form) and choose it for themselves.

As for me, I found out that there is a doctoral program in Mennonite Studies in Canada... and... that's pretty much my dream. Maybe some day.

Gina said...

I Always find myself wondering what people, who aren't familiar with Mormons, think when they stumble across 8 hours of crazy church talks on a random weekend in April (or October). Interesting.

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