Saturday, April 21, 2012


Well, this week has been productive.

 On Monday evening, Kid noticed some water damage on our kitchen ceiling. I can't believe it... it's been over a month since the tornado, we still haven't had the roof approved, and now we have water damage from the month's worth of spring storms. More stress...and I'm not happy.

 On Tuesday, our local insurance agent came out to see the non-progress on our house, and makes notes so as to try and go over the head of the catastrophic adjuster (that had not yet approved the whole roof replacement).

 (Our local agent did say he was embarrassed to work for State Farm, that the company that can afford Super Bowl ads should not be nickel and diming it's clients over tornado damage, it's not the State Farm he started working with 30 years ago... for what it is worth, drop State Farm like it is hot)

 On Wednesday, Mr F left town for the rest of the week.

 On Wednesday afternoon, the catastrophic adjuster came out to document the new leak (other side of the house from the tree damage... so... we're thinking full roof rip off should be a go... and I should note EVERYONE else has had their entire roof replaced by now). Unbelievably he told me that he wasn't going to approve a new roof, just two patches. I lost my fucking shit... and let him know the level of my disappointment. The man felt my fury. I reminded him that this is not a handout, this is a service we have ALREADY paid for. I may also have shamed him in front of our contractor. Just ask Mr F... I know exactly how to make someone feel like shit, when I need to.

 Magically our roof got approved later that evening.

 On Thursday, contractors came out to assess our driveway damage.

 On Friday, our driveway was repaired and resurfaced, AND our new roofing got delivered. I can't believe it... but it looks like things might finally be heading in the right direction! I'm thinking by the end of next week we might actually have a new roof and new siding (maybe). Then we just need to get all this yard nightmare (huge ground stump piles, holes in yard, mud problems, etc., dealt with).

 On Friday evening, my mom came down and took the girls and I out to dinner. That was good, since I was kind of at a "Mr F is out of town/the insurance guy is a dick/I can't believe I need to have my kitchen ceiling fixed now" exhaustion overload point... and she had a surprising amount of awesome gossip to share, which is always rejuvenating.

 On Saturday, I decided to stop neglecting my diet and exercise (obviously, I needed to alleviate a fair amount of house stress before I could reach this point). I worked out for 80 minutes, made some grain free choc chip cookies (surprisingly good), and have kept under 1200 cal. I really need to do this, and get myself back on my radar.

I've had a very hard time since moving back to MI making myself a priority and sticking with it. I'm actually looking forward to the kids starting school in the Fall, since I'll finally have time for working out without feeling guilty about it. It will be the first time in 10 years that I'll have a couple of hours to myself.

 And now Mr F has returned.


Sandcastle Momma said...

We fired State Farm after Hurricane Ivan - along with thousands of others in our area. We pay them for years and then they do everything possible to screw us. Good for you for standing up to them and getting what you need them to do!
If you start checking for a new insurance company when this is all over bypass Allstate - they are as bad as State Farm.

Mrs Furious said...

Sandcastle Momma,
Allstate... yes, we heard... "anything that starts with A stay away" has been a mantra repeated around here. Hands down, though, State Farm has been the absolute worst, which has been somewhat tragic since it's the only agency here with a local office, so there are plenty of us that have been dealing with this nightmare. It's so frustrating, as you know, it's not like they are a discount broker, either! We heard that CHUB is the best, more expensive, but pay out with no hassle. All I know is that I never want to go through this again, it's almost worse than the tornado.

Mrs Furious said...


Mrs. Smitty said...

Insurance companies make me furious. It is unbelievable to me that any time there is a disaster, people actually have to remind them that the benefit we are asking a benefit we pay for in out premium every month. I'm not asking for something new. I'm asking that you replace my X, Y, or Z, because my premium that I pay you every month says "Pay me money, and I'll replace your X, Y, or Z if it breaks."

Snake Farm is the worst.

Hulk smash.

Mrs. Smitty said...

Oops...that Smitty, on Mrs. Smitty's account. Mrs. Smitty tends not to say Hulk Smash.

As for working out...good stuff. Hit it hard. Just finished my first month of Insanity. 1 week of the Recovery DVD, then month 2 begins. I weighed 218 when I started. This morning, after a good breakfast, I weighed 200. 18 pounds in 4 weeks, all based on a solid, healthy diet and SWEAT and DISCIPLINE. I feel amazing. 10 more pounds to go...

Mrs Furious said...

"Mrs. Smitty tends not to say Hulk Smash."
bwahahaha... yes, that did give you away ;)

Mrs Furious said...

And congrats on the 18 pounds! Impressive.

Kellie said...

State farm is giving a friend of mine the shaft too. His brand new car was totaled by an underinsured teen and State Farm (his own ins co) is refusing to pay the difference. My whole family Travelers Ins and haven't had any issues.

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