Friday, August 3, 2012

I'd Be Speechless If That Was Possible

Things are SO CRAZY around here.

My insomnia is kicked up into full gear and I try and rehash all of the stuff with Mr F and practice a ton of different potential conversations he might have the next day... EVERY NIGHT

(he 100% loves this)

(especially at 2 AM)

I don't know how he can remain so calm and contained.

This stuff is so crazy, that if I could talk about it... your mind would EXPLODE.

Every week I go into therapy and I sit down and I say....

"You are not going to believe what has happened."

EVERY WEEK, PEOPLE... and I'm not even exaggerating.

The twists and turns in the last 2+ months has been nothing short of schizophrenic and there is no way to predict how it's going to end.

NO WAY... we've tried... but it is serious loose cannon time over there.

Which of course creates and anxiety in many forms.... since we're dealing with some very irrational and unpredictable people right now.

And things are factually WRONG.

We've nearly divorced ourselves from any hope that things will be righted, which kind of makes it easier.

Now we can kind of take some pleasure in the pure entertainment value of seeing what happens when the bomb is dropped.


And I just want to say, I feel for Mr F.  He has given his all, his time, his talents, HIS PATIENCE, in a situation that hasn't come close to our expectations.  Even knowing that he never gives less than his best for them.  I don't know how he holds it together every day, dealing with this bs... along with the disappointment of not getting his dream job... along with the stress of a new job search... along with trying to paint the house... and just the overwhelming pressure of all of that as our sole breadwinner.  I feel badly and guilty that this portion pretty much falls on his shoulders.  But I'm also trying to rest up since the next bit (showing a house, moving, single parenting until things get lined up) will fall on mine.


Gigs said...


Stay strong, Furious family.

Kellie said...

My husband just changed jobs recently. He had a good job, he had been there for 3 years. During those 3 years they went from 5 people in the southeast to just him. He covered 8 states. All during this time he was covering other territories and not able to spend as much time in his own territory. He was concerned that after they eventually replaced the other areas that his own territory wouldn't be what it was bec he had been covering the most lucrative accounts in the other areas. They assured him they wouldn't 'forget' what he had done to help them out. Well, you know how that goes...amnesia! This is getting long, but I could go on and on about the ridiculous behavior they exhibited. Needless to say he quit. Thankfully he was able to get a really good job in the same field. Of course that was after $500 in attorney fees to respond to their threatening letters about visiting their customers. Crazy a$$ people/ Employers want loyalty, but it is often one sided and it sucks. I hope everything works out for you guys!

-amy said...

Hello! Looks like this stuff is very common.

My husband has been weathering the storm in a company that he loved and put so much of himself into but he was so,so screwed over so, so often. He finally decided to do something crazy and go freelance. Since he quit, he has had so many great clients, all of them telling him that they couldn't believe he didn't do it ages ago. So many people have reached out to him wanting to know how he could deal with a certain problem (person) for so long. Dude, there is some weird stuff going on in his business. There are graphic designers making $2000/day(!) freelance. Color correction is making bank in this market ($600/hr). I can't talk more about specifics publicly but he is SO much more happy/relaxed/excited about life in general since he left. It is more stressful in some ways because of the unknown quality of his work, but it has been exactly what he needs right now.

Hope everything works out well for you.

Mrs Furious said...

Hey Amy,
could you send me a current email? I've lost everything when I updated my computer earlier this year.
rachel at voltage design dot com

Mrs Furious said...

"They assured him they wouldn't 'forget' what he had done to help them out. Well, you know how that goes...amnesia! "
yep. His company has conveniently forgotten he was hired at a higher job title... was supposed to be fixed... never has been. Now it looks like he took a big back step in his career. When he confronted them about it they said his supervisor didn't think he deserved a promotion?!! #1 he does #2 the job title ISN'T a promotion... it was his original hire. WTF? That isn't even the half of what is going down, though. Legal fees might be up next.

Kelly said...

Oh Mrs F, I feel for you.My husband just finished going back to school for 2+ years, and the company he got hired onto has him doing what he trained for, plus the job he did before he went to school, and fixing things other people did wrong. They praise him constantly and have him working 7day weeks, but I just hope they remember it when times get lean, as they often do in his biz.
Hope you guys are able to stay sane during this process. I remember how hard it was on you the last time. Chin up :)

Julie said...

Thinking of you all...

And looking forward to hearing the whole story. Man, that sucks though. Like you guys need more stress in your world.

Kiki said...

Ooof. I am keeping you guys in my thoughts and hoping the best will come out of this!!! Hang in there, we"re all cheering you on!!!

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