Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Things are going to move slower than we initially thought.  Now we have time to get the house in order (without being under duress) and won't feel as much pressure to make a rash decision (always good).  We'd really like the time to make the best decision.

It feels like such a relief... like I have been holding my breath for 3 weeks straight.

I mean trying to juggle this stuff and the start of a new school and all the uncertainties with both has been intense.

There is also still a chance (maybe 2) that we might stay, which would obviously get the kids' vote.  And maybe mine, too, since I haven't had a great track record of loving my life in other places.  And to be honest, as things move closer to that reality... I do get a little panicked about it.  You know, Asheville was some ROUGH times for me.  And I'm not sure I've grown out of that.  Although twice as much money could help the medicine go down (just sayin').

The more I investigate other areas and housing options, the more I realize how much I love my house... we really can't find anything that compares (price, size, location) to ours.  Although the stone farmhouse is still available.... and the summer kitchen?... holy cuteness batman.  And the gorgeous barn?... holy potential rodents (the only downside I have come up with so far... and that's a serious potential downside).

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Kiki said...

I feel like you just exhaled....I love getting a moment to catch my breath-hope you guys are doing that and of course I'm sending you lots of good thoughts and all my best wishes for each step ahead of you!!

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