Saturday, October 27, 2012

Misheard Lyrics.... Kid Addition

At the girls' school they sing a lot of crazy praise songs.  When I was there for Family Day I was shocked to hear them sing a Christian parody of "We Will Rock You" by Queen.  That just seemed wrong on so many different levels.  And, yet, it was also totally awesome.  But still wrong.  Wrong wrong.

Anyway, this morning Kid and I were reflecting on how wrong it was, and we looked up the praise version to figure out how they changed "big disgrace":

(To the tune of "We Will Rock You")

Jesus was a cool dude,
40 days with no food,
Then he wrote the golden rule and that's O.K.
He's got love on his face,
Full of grace!
He's spreadin' his word all over the place!
Singin', We will, we will
Praise him yeah, praise him WOO (2x)

"Full of grace!"  

Kid started laughing and revealed she'd been chanting out...

"He lives in Space!"every time they sang it.

Which was especially funny.

We had some people warn us fervently that the school would indoctrinate our children.  

I really wasn't worried about it.

#1 We're talking about Lutherans not Nazis.

#2 It's clearly too late.

#3 You can't indoctrinate kids who are already being indoctrinated. (see below)

Which brings me to...

In terms of non-Christian Christian interpretations how wrong is it that in order to help Kid memorize her 7th and 8th Commandment and meanings, as defined by her teacher,I gave her some sinful acronyms?  That's what I thought. I mean if it's alright to change the lyrics to "We Will Rock You" to suit your purposes I think there is room for a little creativity on my part.  With that in mind, for "betray him, slander him, or hurt his reputation"  I suggested a simple "BSH" or "bullshit hell".  The second, for "defend him, speak well of him, and explain everything in the kindest way."  I suggested "DSE" or "Dad sucks eggs".  People, I know my child, and this was a very titillating prospect for her.  She was able to get a 100% while at the same time inwardly defying the system.  I call that a success.  Am I raising her up right, or what?!  


Julie said...

Oh holy shit, I love this.

Brenda said...

I so wish I lived near you and we could hang out. Your girls are fantastic too.

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