Tuesday, February 12, 2013

On The Mend

Baby's fever finally broke last night.  Hopefully, for good this time!  She is pretty worn down after being sick for so long, and we still need to keep an eye out that she doesn't develop pneumonia.  She did go to school this morning (she's in 1/2 day K) for 100 Day!, which is a very big deal on the Kindergarten scene and she didn't want to miss out.  Unfortunately, she came home extremely worn out.  We'll have to think about keeping her home tomorrow.  (Yes, We did have medical approval to send her)  

I am now on antibiotics, because 11 days of the flu wasn't penance enough for my worldly sins... now I have a sinus infection.  I actually got pretty darn sick with a raging fever and Mr F had to come home and take me to the ER.  (The ER was a crazy place so I ended up discharging myself and getting evaluated by my primary)  She was like "dude, you need to take care of yourself."  And I was like "dude, I've been trying to keep my kid alive."  I did realize when my lymph nodes in my armpits hurt something bad was going I down... I just waited 2 more days to be sure.  I don't like to overreact.  I ended up getting the antibiotics and now I'm just hoping to stay on top of the fever from the infection until that goes away.  Awesome times!

I have seen all of the Bachelor episodes from this season, caught up on Downton Abbey & Grey's Anatomy, watched many foreign films on Netflix, and become addicted to Candy Crush.  So it hasn't been all bad.  (Yes, it has)

I am now extremely hopeful that we're ALMOST better.  Which is a huge improvement over Sunday when I took her temperature, saw that is had gone back up and started weeping.  Which in retrospect was half devastation & frustration with her illness, and half that I had a fever and infection I wasn't treating... which always makes me weepy.


Smitty said...


Thank goodness.

Mrs Furious said...


wootini said...

So thankful she is getting better! And I hope you are too.


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