Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Just Keep Swimming

#1 Kid has suddenly become gigantic.  She's grown 4 inches and gained 10 pounds in the last six months.  I looked at her last week and realized none of her clothes fit.  At all.  She wears the same size shoe I do... and.... is now wearing a training bra.  Whoa.  It's on like Donkey Kong around here.  Thank God she is our first one to hit puberty.  She is so comfortable with herself and her body that it blows my mind.  She is totally honest and forthcoming with no ounce of trepidation about anything.  She jokes about her armpit odor.  She tells me the current count on armpit hairs (still single digits).  She has zits.  It's so crazy.  But I'm so thankful, since she is one of the oldest girls in her class and she isn't self conscious about puberty (not in a negative way, at least).  

#2  Baby had "Daddy Day" at school.  The theme was "crosses".  Of course.  They made 5 different crosses out of different mediums.  Baby promptly decorated our house.  If you came to our house right now, you'd think we were the most devout people you'd ever met. Oh, the irony.

#3  Last week was super bad on a many levels.
A) I had to kick Kid's teacher's ass.  Which I did... politely.  The woman actually shushed me... and I didn't punch her in the face!
I was just overhearing a mother at gymnastics talking about finally switching her son to another teacher... and how it just wasn't a good fit and now he's thriving.  And I really wished that we had that option, but with only one class per grade we don't.  The woman needs to retire. Immediately.  And I've had TONS of confirmation that this isn't just a personality clash (although that isn't helping)... our problem with her is not unique.
B) Work was very stressful for Mr F for two weeks running, and he was barely able to even come home last week.  He was incredibly disheartened... it was kind of depressing.  It also stirred up the whole... are we here for good or not issue... which makes us all a little tense.  Especially after just buying a new furnace, fridge, and dishwasher!  No one supports their spouses career more than I do (for real) but it can be hard to feel like you have no idea what direction that will ultimately take you.  Obviously, it is unsettling, and effects all the other decisions I have to make.  But I'd rather be supporting someone's ambition than stifling them... I just think ultimately that has the bigger impact on our lives.  Even though sometimes I do get overwhelmed (trust me).
Just a bad week with no real reprieve for any of us.  SO, on Friday after I picked up the girls I took them to one of those big bounce house places.  I'm so glad I did.  It really changed Kid's mood around and started our weekend off with a bang.  This one thing made our whole weekend feel longer and like we really "did something".  Which was good cause Mr F didn't make it home until late Friday night anyway.  I think I'm going to rinse and repeat this one.

#4  I stumbled upon Baby attempting to sketch this king:
Seeing as she just turned 6, this kind of blew me away.

#5  And I just started our taxes.  Pray for me.


Smoochiefrog said...

How old is Kid? I'm dreading puberty here.

Mrs Furious said...

10&1/2. No period yet... thank God!!!!... I think we are probably 1-2 years off of that. But she's easy, because she is open and not shy about it.

Brenda said...

We had early puberty with K too. He was definitely not super comfortable with it. Good times. And by that I mean, awkward times.

Sorry things have been stressful. We’ve been feeling stressed over here too. If it was bitch fest Friday I’d tell you all about how I’m completely over-extended at work and racking up the unpaid overtime on mis-managed projects, how my husband’s mother died very unexpectedly about a week ago–in Florida, how I’m trying to schedule college tour/visits for April and write my kid’s NHS application resume (you need a resume as a HS junior?!), make sure he’s studying for his SATs and signed up for his AP exams. And how my other kid has lately had crazy melt downs about not wanting to be “different”, regarding his learning disabilities and his accommodations. Crazy, as in tossing furniture and throwing things. Two nights ago I felt like giving up. But the truth is, that’s not an option. You can’t give up. You have to keep going. Just keep swimming.

BTW, I love the “daddy day” photo. Have I ever seen Mr. F. in a tie? I thought all creatives could wear jeans and tshirts to work? Or maybe that’s just me ;)

Brenda said...

Dang, I hate when I'm the last commenter. Makes me feel like I killed the thread...

Mrs Furious said...

No! I am sorry I didn't comment back yet. things were crazy all weekend and I keep thinking I should actually put thought into a thoughtful comment back. Which I will... tomorrow... while I'm watching the Bachelor finale!

Brenda said...

No worries, Mrs F, I know you're busy!

Mrs Furious said...

No, I am really sorry. You had a lot of important things in your comment and I have wanted to get back to you, and should have before now.
#1 I am very sorry to hear about your mother-in-law's sudden passing. What happened? I keep thinking that her glass squirrel sculpture will have more significance now ;)
#2 Hmm, I've never really thought about male puberty. Kid is open, thank GOD, but right after I wrote that she confessed to thinking that she is fat and worrying about that a lot. I was heartbroken :( We talked about her body type and what kinds of clothes will make her feel better (she has still got her big kid tummy... always has... it makes clothes hard to fit). I reassured her that she's never seen a teenager with a big tummy and that's because in the next year or so she'll shoot up and it will go away. The fact that Baby is skinny and has completely different genes only makes her feel worse. On the mood front, I think because Kid was already moody... that hasn't been as much of an issue for us (yet)... she is actually less moody (knock on wood).
#3 resume? I thought they just picked you back in the day, I don't remember anyone applying. Maybe the school's did? Are ACTs out now and you just need the SAT? Where does he want to go to school? Are you guys open to anything or do you have restrictions?
#4 I'm sorry about K having such a hard time. It's hard enough when they are smaller than you are... I can't imagine how that must feel for you now that he's big.
#5 Matt wears ties now. It's his fashion thing. He just bought two more. He does still wear jeans, but there are so many metrosexuals in his offices that he started feeling he needed to step it up.

Brenda said...

So, my mother-in-law. She was hospitalized on Valentines day for some kind of bleeding and while looking for the cause of that they came upon spots on her lungs and liver, which ended up being cancer. She passed away the next Friday. My husband and one of his sisters were at the airport in Florida (on their way) when they got the call, so they didn’t quite make it to see her, which is very sad. I think we all knew she didn’t live the healthiest lifestyle, but it still just felt very sudden. But, that may be better than if she had lingered with the cancer. I also thought about the mom box and the glass squirrel and almost asked you about it! I think this means we are finally free?

One of the reasons puberty was awkward with K was because he is so close to me, and his relationship with my husband is sometimes difficult. So there was a lot of stuff I ended up dealing with that you might think could have been passed off to dad. Nope.

Yeah, I don’t remember applying to NHS either. But now, apparently, if you have a certain GPA, they send you a letter where they ask you for a one page resume and to fill out a 2 sided worksheet with questions about your leadership, community service, and character, with examples of all! Regarding colleges, lots of schools will accept ACT or SAT, but some require SAT and also SAT subject tests. Depends on where you’re looking. He doesn’t know what he wants to study or where he wants to go. He ruled out small (less than 3,000) after touring a few schools over Feb break, but he’s open to just about anything else, so we have several on tap for April vacation. We have some Ivies but also some state schools on the list. Money, of course, will be a huge factor in the end, but we’re open for now and will see what kind of financial aid or merit aid he can get at the schools he decides to apply to. It is all very stressful for me. I like to have everything buttoned up, and the whole process has so many moving parts and feels so wide open. Pray for me!

You’re right about things being different when your angry child is bigger than you. I’ve learned that I don’t have to be afraid of K though. He will throw stuff and thrash around, but he won’t hurt me. Mostly he tries to hurt with words. He barricaded himself in the laundry room and told me he didn’t want my help, didn’t want to need any help from anyone. Fortunately I know him so well, and I know what he means and what he doesn’t mean, and I can remember that even in the moment, and that helps me to let a lot of stuff slide off me, stuff that would have bothered me in the old days. It sucks, but we survive.

I need to comment on your latest post too… we went through so much similar stuff here!

Mrs Furious said...

Wow... I'm really sorry about your mother-in-law... that must have been so hard for Gary and his sister to process. But I also think, for her, that it was probably a blessing since she didn't suffer through what could have been a very painful process.

Yes, please comment on the other post. Matt & I are pretty distraught about it. This is the first time she's verbalized that... but... I know she's being sincere. I'm with her and I know she is having a hard time. I never thought she'd say she didn't want to live (esp at 6!!!) ... that broke my heart... but we are definitely struggling with how to meet her needs.

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