Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Furious Tidbits

#1 Mr F's old job FINALLY fired his douche supervisor.  Too bad they waited 3 years to do it.
#2  The major reason I haven't blogged much this year, is... well... I've been extremely unhappy for pretty much the last 12 months.  We're talking pretty seriously depressed. There are a lot of contributing factors... but this vacation has highlighted that this school situation is making me miserable.  It is absolutely killing my spirit.  There is more to life than the kind of life we have to have to do this.  
#3 I really want to buy a dirt cheap, broken down, foreclosed cottage and fix it up... is that so wrong?
#4 Or get an old C Class RV and drive it along the Laura Ingalls route this summer.  
(I could get one for less than next year's tuition!)


Julie said...

are you around on thursday? I'm here for you, too, as you have been for me. I can call you.

Jen said...

Go for the cottage flip! I would do it if I had the extra money and time! You can be very frugal when needed; you are creative, artistic, and a very determined woman. You only live once, do it!!!

wootini said...

I have ALWAYS wanted to do a Laura Ingalls/Little House tour. Do it & blog so I can live it vicariously through you! Please!! :)


Mrs Furious said...

Oh, I'm always around... but there is nothing new.... just a hard year for me.

thank you, that is very sweet. I just need to find one that is DIRT CHEAP and not a former meth house ;) We had a great one in mind last year, but didn't have the funds for it and I really regret that we let it go... because it would have more than paid for itself with one summer of vacation rentals. We'll see... I'm definitely looking. The feasibility is that even if it has no heat, etc (often the case with the foreclosures) it will be summer and we won't need it anyway! :)

me, too!!! I definitely want to do that this summer if I can. Unless of course I'm renovating a cottage ;)

Jen said...

Omg,I live in Los Angeles and people are turning their rental properties into vacation rentals all over the place! If you look on Craigslist, under vacation rentals, there are tons. I forgot where you live, but if cute, quaint, cottages are THE THING around here. I'd love to see you do it.

Jenny Fellner said...

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