Sunday, May 19, 2013

Only One Week Late

Mother's Day happened around these parts last Sunday.  It may have been the most successful and well celebrated day of honor-ment to date.

I think Baby's mad event planning skills had a little something to do with it.  She'd been asking me random culinary queries all week. "Do you like watermelon seeds?" She asked.  "Hmm... to eat?"  I inquired.  "Not usually."  I said gently.  At the end of the week she had complied an elaborate list of ingredients for a "Vengtable Soup"
Which was to feature chicken and tomato and also bananas (and lemon... which I do recommend)
People it was... not bad.

My favorite gift was Kid's hilarious card...
You may remember that last year while I celebrated Mother's Day with the girls, Mr F was on a trip to the fucking south of France.  You may also recall (probably not) that he had hidden the girls' gifts and didn't tell them where... which sent then into a state of anxiety fueled desperation on Mother's Day morning.  It was good times.

Kid also produced an icon Mother's Day gift at school...

Mr F tried to overcompensate for last year...
(I did leave the recipe up on my computer and it was delicious.)
Although, you should know that the rose... was 100% Baby's idea.  She is not messing around.

Much of the morning was spent in enforced bed confinement, as my girls are sure is my dream come true.  Especially when they are THIS close to my body...

All in all it was a great day.  The day actually felt long, which these days is a rare treat.

Kid even stayed up late watching The Dust Bowl with me.
Does it get better?!  Yes!  I was taking notes and simultaneously reading the early 1900s correspondence of a pan handle farmer.  It was good times, people.  Good, good, history loving nerdy times.  (Baby opted to go to bed)

Last but not least, is my old lady swing...
 I don't care what you say.  You are just jealous.

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Julie said...

What a great day!
You certainly deserved it. I do indeed remember some less than stellar Mother's Days for you in the past!

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