Sunday, June 30, 2013

Things That Happened In June

Baby graduated from Kindergarten:
(Best teacher in the world!)

This made everyone cry:

(Yes, she elected to wear last year's dance recital dress to her graduation... what of it?)

Baby had her ballet recital:

(Baby is 3rd in from the Right... sorry... 
it's as good as I could do covertly)

My mother turned into her mother:

 Godzilla's suspected cross-dressing was finally revealed:

 Father's Day happened (Mr F is laughing at Baby's fake smile):

 A make-over went terribly awry:

 Baby worried about trying what she dubbed
"The World's First Meat Flavored Ice Cream"...
Culver's "Turtle Dove":
 (Which disappointingly wasn't really made from turtle and dove meat)

Big Boy gave us the cold shoulder:

 The village ripped up our driveway to install sidewalks:

 Which has made groceries more of a pain then ever:
(for them... bwahahahaha)

 Kid discovered Pinterest: 
(I've already had to give her a 15 minute daily limit)

On to July!
(And a major organizational project reveal!)


katieo said...

love all the snippets! especially Baby's turtle dove face.

We have that Godzilla! But it has never looked like that...

Julie said...

So many things...
Aren't you psyched that Baby got another wearing out of the recital dress that I am sure cost more than anything you own.

The photo of Mr F in full-on laugh is full of joy. It is so awesome.

I'm so pleased that you allow Godzilla to be who he is.

Kid looks like a grown up now. Wow! Gorgeous and so tall!

I though the 'makeover' gone awry was supposed to zombie makeup. That's how you know I live in a house full of boys.

I love the cold shoulder picture!

We just completed our first week of vacation and I am already dreading the start of school.

Mrs Furious said...

Oh it is crazy how big Kid is getting. She is only a couple of inches shorter than I am and she is all legs. I'm sure she'll be taller than I am by Xmas. She's got some rogue genetics going on.

"I am already dreading the start of school" You and me, both. I call it the count down to Hell.

Godzilla is one of the remaining toys (man toys NOT childhood toys, mind you) that Mr F had when we met. Good Lord, it is amazing the level of nerd I was willing to look past.

Andrea said...

Love the recap post, kid dosen't even resemble a kid anymore geez that girl has grown!

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