Saturday, September 7, 2013

Big Sudden Overwhelming Change Ahead

Baby is changing schools.  Oy, it's overwhelming.

She got into the Charter school closer to our house  and we think it is a better fit for her long term.

They called on Thursday and gave us 24 hours to decide.

Kid had gotten a spot at the last minute last year and we turned it down, which we frequently regretted.

It might not be the perfect school but it is much more developmentally appropriate for early elementary than their current Lutheran school.

I was on the fence... it is a lot of change... and a logistical nightmare so we listened to what Baby thought about it all.  And it turns out (she is pretty private) that she is afraid of her teacher.

Despite having to leave her friends behind, and crying for hours about it, she still wanted to switch.

She liked their school rhythm better.

And that is saying something.  I didn't think she'd want to switch.

So, now I'll be driving all over town (which was one reason we turned it down last year).

Both schools get out at the exact same time... twenty miles apart.

I'll figure it out.

The saving 4K will kind of make that a more bearable hardship ;)

We also realize that we are never going to luck into two openings at once, we have to take one to get

the other in the next year, since sibs have preference.

I think that their middle school teaching staff is amazing and I'd love for Kid to switch for 6th.

Fingers crossed this all works out.

If not, the Lutherans will always take us back.  


Julie said...

That's great about the charter school for Baby.

Crazy times ahead for you, I know.

Is there an after school program that Baby can go to until you can get there?

Torey said...

Oh I'm so jealous. Enjoy it!!

Mrs Furious said...

Would you still switch Isaac if you got in?
I'm excited/nervous. I just wished this had happened 2 freaking weeks ago and saved us all this transition grief! I kind of liked having the girls at school together... they liked it, too, and I'm sad to lose that. I hope Kid gets in next fall and this all works out! I also, obviously, hope that she likes it!

Both schools do have aftercare... Kid's is MUCH cheaper! The stink part is that at Kid's school they have a 15 minute grace period... & it will take me 20 minutes to get there! So close, but I'll still have to pay the after school rate no mater what. We are going to see if Kid can stall in the bathroom or something ;)

Torey said...

I'm not sure. We have really liked our school but I feel like its lacking in areas that the charter does an amazing job at. Plus I think Rosie would do better at the charter. S looking ahead, that's a big deal.

Good news is that Baby has only missed 4 days at the new school!!!!

Mrs Furious said...

Argh! I'm nervous. Everything went fine this morning and there are no repercussions of pulling her out ($ wise in particular) which I was unsure about. She starts tomorrow at the charter which is Art day so she is very excited for that. I just hope she makes friends quickly (which isn't always easy for her since she can be pretty quiet when she is new). Ruby is now pretty nervous she'll get in mid-year and we'll make her go! I hate having them change school so much!!!! But, ultimately I just don't think their current school is the best use of their lives and that's kind of a big deal.

Brenda said...

Go with your gut. We spend so much time advocating and hoping for the best for our kids. If you've got a place that will be a great fit, then it will be worth the transitional grief. Good luck!

Mrs Furious said...

Awesome news: the charter school is giving me a 15 minute early pick up and I have a 15 min grace period to get Kid... which gives me the 30 minutes I need to get there and not stress out. Yay

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