Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Photo Recap...

Wow, I don't know why I can't blog anymore... but... clearly I can't.

So, the last month and a half has been full on CRAZY TOWN.

It started with Kid's Science Camp...

(did I mention that?  Me, the only female chaperone for 12 girls??  Yet, 5 men for 8 boys??  WTH?  Anyway, I did it.  Outside of the sleep deprivation I thrived.  Seriously, I was like... "I should be a professional camp counselor... this is my calling!", but don't tell anyone... I'm still trying to milk the situation for sympathy from the other parents at school.)

 (Fire building)
 (Lean-to making)
(high ropes course)
The trip was great.... and... because of that, we've decided to keep her in this school for middle school.

Then it was like...

Mother's Day:

 (breakfast in bed)
 (Baby made me these little tarts)
 (and she was pleased)
 (they didn't get me another statuette from Hallmark!!!  Rejoice!)

Mr F's Birthday:


Our Trip to Holland, MI:

 (what can I say??  Yes, this place exists.)

Baby's Spring Concert:
(back row, bangs, next to white bonnet)

Kid's Spring Concert:

(front row: she plays the flute in the Beginning Band)

(choir: back row last on left)

Our Trip to Chicago:

 (Baby's on a mission)
(after the harshest winter on record, we finally got her out here to spend her birthday gift cards!)
 (Um, please look to their right... )
(Chicago is such a beautiful city)
 (The Container Store!!  Cue angles singing)
(right after this picture, I told her he was still alive.... hahaha... that was awesome)
(Sue the T Rex @ The Field Museum)

Baby's Field Day:

 (wheelbarrowing... fyi, she HATED it)
(Mr F helping for a tug-of-war win)

Kid's Field Day: (oh, that's right, I didn't go... I can't be everywhere at once!)

Kid's Award Ceremony:
(competitive reading for the WIN!  She took 2nd place, behind an 8th grader.)

Ice Cream Social: (uh... I might have forgotten to document this...)

Kid's Last Day of School:
(If only she had friends and could function in society...)
(as you can see they are keeping their feelings for each other a secret...)

My Birthday:

Baby's Dance Rehearsal:

Baby's Dance Recital:

 (The only person she really wanted there was my step brother's girlfriend... she came!)
(Put a ring on it, Jason!!)

Baby's Last Day of School:

 (It took the whole year for her to work up the courage to climb up this structure!)
(Baby and her teacher... P.S. it was a dress up reward day)

Our Trip to Mackinac Island:

 (Ferry trip over)
 (Baby getting our trip off on the right foot by being strangely uncooperative...)
 (I'd like to report that we received a room discount for this view... alas... that is not the case)
 (I guess I'd live there...)
 (Hiking with Kid)
 (Baby peeking in the ballroom)
 (Sleeping beauties... at least the inside of our room was just as fancy as we had promised)
 (Lilac Festival Parade)
 (the parade continues)

(Best part of the trip was the evening kid's club, which allowed us two built in date nights!)

And now Summer Vacation has officially begun!


Jaime said...

Yay! Thanks for the catchup.

Torey said...

I'm sorry. What is happening in that picture?!?!?!? Is that some weird sub/dom thing?
Oh yeah. Everything else is cool too. But what the what?!?!

Mrs Furious said...

Something like that, Torey! I was trying to subtly take their picture and you can't see because the guy holding the leash is blocking but there were a couple more. It was hilarious, especially because there were several wedding groups and Quinceanera groups taking pictures at the same time and the guys were definitely in their background!!

Mrs Furious said...

I'm trying, Jamie... but for some reason it is so hard for me to make time for blogging. I can't figure out why?!?!?!

Julie said...

Oh good, it was a sub/dom thing…that is what i thought and then I was like 'why the hell would I think that?'. I have good instincts I guess.

Such fun to look at all the photos. Macinac (i am sure i killed the spelling but you know what i mean and i am too lazy to get the correct spelling) is beautiful. Where is it? In one of the great lakes? Again, I could google it, but then I will spend the rest of the day looking at pictures and researching the place as if it is my job. That's how I use up my free time. Wasting on the internet.

Mrs Furious said...

Mackinac Island (you were close!) is between the Lower & Upper Peninsulas. It is at the top tip of Lake Huron right before it joins to Lake Michigan.

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