Sunday, June 1, 2014

Time Traveling

22 months ago at ages 9 & 5:

TODAY at ages 11 & 7:

What the hell??!!?

Please note Baby's head in relation to the light switch.

And Kid's legs in relation to...

oh... I don't know...

The Empire State Building.


sara said...

oh my goodness. that is a fantastic comparison shot. i love that both girls seem to have grown proportionately to each other. i mean kid's legs seem to start at baby's collarbone in both photos. those girls are thriving. great job, mrs. & mr. furious!

Mrs Furious said...

You are right, I didn't notice until I posted these that Baby has grown just as much. I was shocked, since Kid just seems so much taller. I also realized how slimmed down both of their faces are... no more big chubby cheeks :(

Andrea said...

wow what a great pic they have grown a ton, makes me take a second glance at my own. Kids legs are to die for says the 5'1" lady who blends in with most 4th graders lol.

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