Thursday, December 4, 2014

Things Of Little Or No Importance: Part 155


#1  Lindalou, I am sorry you have had to wait so long for a new post.

#2  Video of little to no importance:

#3  I am now hooked on Gilmore Girls and attempting to hook my girls on it.

#4  Kid is popular with the boys.  One of them gave her a Duggar side hug!  What is next?  A ring??!  God, I wish her school had middle school dances... it would be the most entertaining thing in the world!

#5  Baby has been writing comic books.  We already knew she was a fantastic artist but her dialog is amazing.  Honestly, people, these are really good books.  And hilarious.  She has asked Santa for a typewriter so she can make "professional" books going forward.  Santa will deliver!

#6  Kid wants nothing for Christmas except to fund a girl in India's schooling.  She is putting up all the money she has ever received.  At school they had to give an oral presentation to the middle school parents about what career they wanted to pursue.  After a hilariously underwhelming slew of choices presented by classmates (bartender, handy man, etc), Kid's was on humanitarian aid workers.  Long story short: she's a pretty great person.  Also, she claims she is never going to drink: soda, caffeine, or alcohol.... so, yeah, watch your backs, Mormons.

#7  Kid and I both had Meningitis in October:

 What the ding dong???!!  It was fucking horrible.  The worst pain I've ever been in, in my life.  
Worse than the broken tail bone!  I was really in despair.  
Good God.... try never to get it.
Happy 12th Birthday, Kid!  You have meningitis!  Enjoy!

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Julie said...

I won't have time to read and savor this post and watch the video until after tomorrow's stressful day. I can't wait!!!!

Tomorrow=Annual IEP meeting and an annual physical with a new doctor for murphy since the last one was a fool (just a regular doctor, not his awesome developmental pediatrician.)

Can't wait!!

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