Monday, March 2, 2015

Dear Ones

Here I am sitting home with a sick child... AGAIN. Not that I mind the company, but I think we've had nary a full week of school, for one reason or another, since October. And it just makes it very hard to get in a good productive routine, in any department.


This seems like a perfect time to endorse my favorite shows:

The Great British Bake-Off !!!!! Spectacular. WEll, at least to a home baker like myself. American TV just cannot match the quality & humor of this series. You know?? You can find it on

Broadchurch Holy shit, this is good. I mean, the kind of good that you grieve for a bit when it is over. The 1st season is available on Netflix. Be prepared to binge watch this. And be forewarned that this is intense and depressing, but in a most well execute fashion. The acting in this series is top notch. The characters are deeply flawed. You will love it.

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries- You guys!!!! Did you ever listen to me the last time I recommened this?! It is so charming. One of my favorite shows to workout to. Fast paced, entertaining. Really enjoyable. I cannot wait for the 3rd season. Available on Netflix.

On other fronts: We went to Disney World. And we loved it.
The girls, ages 12 & 8, were maybe the best ages yet. I mean, we were in the parks, riding ALL the rides, for a good 12 hours a day. Disney continues to be a great vacation for our family... where we are together, engaged, and active. The very very poor wifi-signal also meant very little phone/screen use, and for that I am grateful. Maybe they do that on purpose?... 

After a week enjoying ourselves, lest you think it is all fun and games over here,  I came back to HELL...

Um, yes, those would be live lice.  WTF??!?  Worst outbreak in history at Baby's school.  I went through her hair for 8 straight hours one day.  I was picking nits out like it was a full time job (literally)  So, let me save you a lot of trouble... if you have daughters with long dark blond hair... order the Terminator from Amazon RIGHT NOW.  It is, hands down, the most effective tool.  For $10, it is absolutely worth just having on hand.  No chemicals necessary.

I'm not sure when we'll go back to Disney again, I think Europe is in our traveling future, now that the girls are capable. I'm currently trying to plan out a Spring Break trip for the me and the girls... at this point, after spending their future inheritance at WDW, Paris is off the table, much to Baby's Francophile chagrin.

And speaking of Baby, check out her new haircut:
She feels like a "successful business woman!!"

If only I had cut her hair before the lice... would have made my life a bit easier!!


Brenda said...

My God, the lice! No, no no!

WDW: those ages are the best. Our best trip there was when E was 13 and K was 10 or 11. Really magical and a great time had by all. So glad you all enjoyed it! And if there is limited signal, I may just move there...

Successful business woman = fantastic. The future is now!

Hope you all survive the rest of the winter. I'm so over this snow and cold. I despise it more and more each year...

Julie said...

Broadchurch is fantastic. You mean the BBC version, right? I watched it when it came out last fall. So good. The 2nd 'season' starts this month.

I don't want to even say this out loud because I am afraid of jinxing myself, but we've never encountered lice here.

Where has all our time gone when we used to be able to chit chat all day on the blog? I remember when Baby was an actual freaking baby. And now, she is so grown up!

Jaime said...

Oh good to know about Broadchurch! I keep putting it off because the Canadian version (Gracepoint, filmed here in Victoria) was such a disappointment. They didn't get renewed for a second season.

Oddly, same actor in both versions!

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