Thursday, February 9, 2017

Is This Thing On


mydadyou said...

Ah! So happy to see this post pop-up on my Feedly! Loved all of the updates! Crossing my fingers that your health is in good order and the exhaustion is due to the added teen!

HL said...

I was thinking about that the other day, how we used to have to wait for the upload via Blogger. LOL. So funny. Good update!

wootini said...

Mrs. F! I've missed you guys so much. I stop by every now and then just in case, and viola! It's wonderful to hear how everyone is doing, and I'm so glad you are getting better on the health front. Kid is lovely. It's hard to believe how quickly our kids are growing up. I use your recipes often (pizza, beef stew, compacting Christmas) and always think of you then. I saved the little elf tags that Baby and Kid colored from the Christmas box you sent us one year, and it always gives me a smile when I open up a Christmas storage box and find them in there. I hope you will update again soon, but if not, know that you are missed!


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