Sunday, June 8, 2008

Cute But Devilish

Baby has developed a new waking ritual:
Instead of waking up slowly and stretching or gazing into her mother's eyes as she used to do... she now throws herself out of bed the instant her eyes open. She then grabs her basket that she carries her pacie in (adorable I know), pops her pacie in, swings it onto her arm, and runs for the door. This is done silently at mock speed. Before I've even realized she's up she's gone and taking off towards the top of the stairs. And, no, she doesn't technically know how to go down the stairs... not head first anyway.


Julie said...

Love it with the little paci basket.

Murphy always got up like this...eyes popped open and he was off.

Marie said...

Watch out...I see a girl who is going to LOVE her purses in the future!

Luckily, my girls are slow wakers. They get up, mosey downstairs, lounge on the couch and eventually start complaining about being hungry.

Not sure I could function with the "get up and GO!!"

Robin said...

The paci basket is too cute! Kara will sling anything with a handle over her arm and prance around the same way. (She's a thumb girl, but if she had a paci, I'm sure she'd carry it around too.)

Torey said...

Ok, that is fricken adorable. . .I've never seen anything so cute!

Sorry I missed your B-day. Happy Belated. Hope you can celebrate on your trip!

Kiki said...

Mrs. Furious....I am so sad that I missed your birthday, but you know that I am wishing you only the best and brightest things this year...that its full of all the love and happiness your heart can hold!!!

That Baby F is too stinking cute for words and so precious with her little "purse"!!! I am loving the sense of style that has clearly surfaced at an early age!!

Hope all is well, I think your house is gorgeous!!! Good luck!!

Mrs Furious said...

Hey all...
I've been busting my butt all day... I'll get back to you tomorrow!

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