Saturday, June 7, 2008

For My Birthday I'm Getting...

The basement carpeted and a brand new stainless oven!

Oh that's right... I don't get to keep those.

I did sneak a piece of my cake before it was technically served...
it was just sitting there eyeing me on the counter... and what the heck... it is my birthday.

Adorable Message From Kid:


Nutmeg said...

Happy birthday!!!!

You've done an amazing amount of stuff this week (no doubt baking your own birthday cake among them!)

I think your house looks great. I can't tell you what an awful state ALL of the houses I saw when we were looking were in. A lot of them looked worse than I would let my friends see my house if they stopped by for a cup of coffee.

Pat yourself on the back, eat some cake, and hope you get showered in gifts next week.

carla said...

HAPPPPPY BIRTHDAY you spring chicken!


Mrs Furious said...

Thank you.

Kid & Mr F did make the cake... I was compelled to "smooth" it though ;)

Aw Thanks :)

swienick666 said...

Mr. F better get his game on or else he is going to have a slew of unhappy ladies over the internets :) He was good with managing the cake-making though, cake is necessary on birthdays. I also can't believe you are 32, I mean I can believe because you said it but you know what I mean. You are quite young looking!! Definitely twenties looking!

Julie said...

That video with Kid was so cute. Plus Baby's "thank you"...

Oh yes, Tom's been known to "not know what to get you" for my birthday so he gets nothing. Lovely.

Gigs said...

Happy Birthday Mrs F. I think you deserve a day of relaxation. Maybe another visit to the rain forest jacuzzi? All the best to you!

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