Friday, June 6, 2008

More Rooms Completed For Your Perusal


Downstairs Bathroom

Living room

Bottom of Stairs

(hey check out that fake Orchid I got at Target)

(behemoth stove in question)
Dining Room

Living Room

Master Bedroom (bed will be put together before showing!)

(that stuff in the closet is the box spring and headboard... white upholstered)



I am so go girl!!

Feener said...


Dana said...

Wow! You are an awesome decorator. I think you should come to my house and help me with my interior design skills -- you know, the ones I lack. :)

Julie said...

good luck today. you did a fantastic job with the house.

Suzy said...

House looks great! I love your playroom! I'm definitely making a trip to IKEA this weekend!! Put your feet up before you tackle the basement, Mrs. F. You've done a lot and it'll definitely pay off!

What is the real estate like in Ann Arbor? I would think your house will move quickly considering your location (downtown, right?) and all of your updates. It seems like things have been picking up in our area lately. Summer's a good time to sell.

Robin said...

Your house is so cute. I would definitely buy it if I was moving to AA. :) Good luck with the realtor.

Deb said...


titus said...

i think you did awesome... pat yourself on t he back a little... lol.. the five year old would destroy mine back in a matter of seconds....thats the part i do not envy... good luck with the showing, if i were to move a katrillion miles, i would buy it, it looks like a good place to relax.

swienick666 said...


you've inspired me to clean my room, just so you know.


Gigs said...

It looks amazing. I hope you are allowing yourself just a little downtime, you totally deserve it!!

Marie said...

Incredible!!!!! It looks a professionally staged home on one of those HGTV shows!

Hmmm....where ARE kid and baby?? Perhaps locked in the basement? Cause my girls would be right behind me destroying all that great work!

Smitty said...

Mrs. F: Your house is absolutely beautiful.

Andrea said...

Wow your on fire, everything looks fantastic!

Mrs Furious said...

Thanks everyone.

We just had the walk through... and... they just picked us apart. Ouch! I felt like we hadn't done any cleaning or decluttering. I guess that is the point. But now I'm incredibly stressed about our ability to get everything ready before we leave Wednesday.
I am happy that they plan to do an open house next Sunday while we're gone. I was afraid they might not move that fast.

kenady said...

You are an amazing person!! The rooms look fantastic! Phew! It took me FOREVER to get the hous in order and there are still 2 closets and the garage to be cleaned out. Good luck!

AshinMT said...

Mrs F,
The house looks awesome! (the last time i moved and had cleaned and organized things i ended up being super bummed out that my house had never actually been that clean and cute while i was living there!)
But anways.. looks great, whatever they picked apart was just them being picky :) But hopefully for you, it was in a good way and you can get that baby sold! Have a great weekend, and take a rest!

Mr Furious said...

What is the real estate like in Ann Arbor?

While it's not as bad as it is in the rest of MI (which is awful) it's not great. Normally Ann Arbor is immune to the outside world since the University is such a stabilizer, and it's less impacted by the auto industry. But last year, Pfizer closed their huge research facility here, and 2,000 high-end jobs evaporated. There are way too many houses on the market.

Since we are downtown it's better—if you are in one of the outskirt McMansion developments, you are taking a bath.

We shouldn't lose money on the house, but we need everything we can get, because the market has NOT declined in Asheville.

Doesn't Mrs F rock? Every day I come home there's another room done. Pressure's on me in the basement to measure up...better get back to work.

Mrs Furious said...

Mr F,
"Doesn't Mrs F rock? Every day I come home there's another room done. Pressure's on me in the basement to measure up"
Nice try Mr F... nice freaking try...
That is not what he has been saying to me!

Kid Art said...

It looks AMAZING. They thought it was cluttered? Have they ever SEEN clutter?

What do they expect? Spartan-modern-we-have-no-personal-effects-whatsoever type living?

Send 'em over here, I'll show them clutter. 10+ weeks of virtual single parenthood = horrifying disaster.

You guys rock!!

carla said...


can you imagine living that way all the time?

we moved 6 months ago and by the time the house prep was done ***I*** wanted to stay!

here's hoping you are relaxing this weekend,

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