Monday, June 2, 2008

One Down

Wondering why there's a kitchen in the nursery? Watch this:


Marie said...

Woo-Hoo!! One room down..doesn't it feel good to close a door and know your DONE with it?

And is that a pantry off the bedroom?

Robin said...

Cute room. I love the colors. Congrats on the progress. Isn't it amazing what you can accomplish when someone else is taking care of the kids?

Mrs Furious said...

Yes it is.
The house had been converted into a duplex for awhile and the nursery was the kitchen.
Weird... but actually great for changing diapers!

Yes having them gone does really highlight how much time and energy they suck out of the day.

Deb said...

That looks GREAT!

I'll be back later to watch the video.

Haley said...

Nice work -- it looks like a beautiful room. Wish I could watch the video, but I'm at work...something to look forward to when I get home. :)

P.O.M. said...

Ok, let's figure out the math here. You got one room done in 2.5 hours. How many rooms do you have? You can definately get thru this~!

It seems that the main thing is getting someone to handle the chillins' so you can focus.

Time to call on all those "favors" from friends and neighbors to babysit!

(I get really logical & task-oriented from stress)

Mrs Furious said...

Dude... if I didn't have the kids the house would be done now.
Yeah I've got my Aunt lined up for next Monday. My mom is coming back on Thursday. I'm hoping to snag my niece during the week next week.

"something to look forward to when I get home"
Oh I fear you'll be disappointed...

Torey said...

Ok. . I need to know if you'll be continuing to blog in Asheville. It's a NEED to know.

And yay for getting one room done! It's so doable now!

And I dig the kitchen in the bedroom. . .that would ROCK!

Mrs Furious said...

You better believe I'll be blogging... I won't know anyone else!!!

Julie said...

The room looks terrific! I really dig that kitchen pantry in there, too. I think that is a plus.

Haley said...

Disappointed? Never! I find the "Check-check" alone oddly comforting.

hicktowndiva said...

Mrs. F-
Great room, is it kid's room? It looks fresh and pretty, and I like the kitchen as changing table/linen storage/closet thing!

Mrs Furious said...

Hicktown Diva,
It was originally Kid's "nursery". She moved out a couple months ago in favor of the bigger bed in the guest room. It's technically empty which is why I could do it and close it off. When we move Baby will be ready for that bed in a new room.

Kiki said...

Ken and I have been trying to plan a visit to the Biltmore...I'm just saying, I'll be there by year's'll know me.

I am so excited for you getting that room done and it looks amazing!!!! I think that it would make a great craft room like you said and I'm sure it was awesome for diaper changes!

How many rooms have you got, is Mr.F tackling any? Thinking of you girl, you're doing great!!!

Amy said...

that room looks amazing! i love the fresh colors of your bedrooms.

just a thought though and not to add to your already overwhelming load but you mentioned how that room might be a great rec-room or something. would it be hard to "stage" that room that way for potential buyers? if it were staged that way and i was walking through the house, i'd take a 2nd look, for sure! i've had quirky houses trying to make sense of them so i know what you're up against. i was wondering what you meant a few posts ago when you said your guest room was the only room devoid of quirkiness.

emmyjw said...

Woo Hoo! I have been running around yelling at people to put things down and not touch anything. I finished the boys room Sunday, our room yesterday, Rainee's room was done last week. Today I just have to rearrange the basement and I am done.The realtor is coming over tomorrow and man this house better sell because I moved a freakin piano by myself yesterday! I will be sending prayers your way for a quick sale :)

Mrs Furious said...

3 bedrooms, 2 bath, living, dining, kitchen, playroom/den, basement (office, TV room).

So 1 down 9 to go...

I think if we had one more bedroom that you are right... having a craft room could be a selling point. But anyone buying this house will be a family and need all 3 bedrooms.

piano?!? Watch your back!

good luck with your house... you're almost done! :)

kenady said...

Cleaning out is a bitch! I so feel your pain as I have just gone through all of that. But the worst is yet to come... maintaining the super clean, neat and organized house is a chore in itself:) I hope your house goes fast so you don't have to worry about it. The room looks awesome! Good luck:)

Oh, and the Biltmore is fantastic! Gorgeous gardens, etc. I might have to tag along with Kiki and Ken:)

Kiki said...

Okay, how fun to plan a blog conference in Asheville at the Biltmore???

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