Thursday, June 5, 2008


I'm tired folks. Really, really, tired.
I'm so tired I actually feel that I'd be a danger behind the wheel. No joke.
I've got 26.5 hours until the realtor does his walk through. Hopefully I'll still be alive...

Guest Room Done

Upstairs Bathroom Done

Linen Closet Done

(believe me it did NOT look like this before)


Kid Art said...

Hang in there Mrs F!!! Wish I could come over to help...

Deb said...

"You can yap while you pack." That's absolutely the best moving quote I've ever heard. It ranks right up there with my, "Are these boxes packing themselves? Do you see the dishes leaping into the dish pack?" that I snapped at my husband last time around.

Do you guys have the cash to bring in a maid service to do the final cleaning? That way you can finish packing, then leave the house for the day with kids and relax before the house is shown for the first time? It was the best gift my husband gave me before the last move.

Mrs Furious said...

Oh yes.. we'll be getting cleaners. I'm getting someone in here and then I'm going to get it cleaned every week until it sells.


I was just thinking of you the other day :)

Feener said...

i am stressed out for you !!! it is making me never want to move.

Suzy said...

So far the two rooms you've shown completed look adorable. I'd love to see what else you've done. It's seriously giving me some ideas. I particularly love that adjustable IKEA bed.

P.O.M. said...

Things are pulling together nicely! And despite your exhaustion, you look great (and skinny minnie).

Good luck with the realtor!

Julie said...

I know how you feel with the kids. It is so hard to get all the work done and be present--mentally and physically-- with the kids.

The rooms you've done look fantastic. It makes me think I need to "stage" rooms in my house if we move which feels so impossible since we really live it up in each and every room!

Good luck with it all. You do look in good shape (you and the house:))

Jennifer said...

Hey Mrs. F. Very nice job on the house and congrats on the job and move! I find it all very exciting! Of course I am not the one packing my house up either. Doing good though!

Cleaning service = excellent idea!

AshinMT said...

Ps. Mrs F,
Your bathroom is Ccee-Uuttte.
Lookin good, id buy it... if i didnt live literally on the opposite side of the country..
Sorry.. that dosnt help..
Have a good day.

angie said...

Go Mrs. F Go! You can do it.

Mrs Furious said...

If I had had a babysitter everyday it wouldn't have been so bad. Keep that in mind. Must have sitter.

LOVE the bed. It comes in White and Black... but I personally feel the black looks nicer and hides the expanding runners better. Minnen is the name.

Thanks :)

I thought you had to stage them.... but then I look at the pics of the house Mr F saw and they have all sorts of crazy stuff in the rooms and we'd still buy it. I just can't stop.

I just called a cleaning lady!

Mrs Furious said...


look for me passed out in the front yard... very soon...

Robin said...

I know you are beat, but it's paying off. The house looks great!!

Getting a cleaning service is a great idea. I will keep that in mind when we move. (not any time soon.)

Andrea said...

The house is looking great Im with "ashinmt" Id totally buy it its soo cute!

Deb said...

It looks fantastic!!

Torey said...

That looks phenomenal. I think you should hire yourself out to people who need a deep clean or rooms staged. . .

You're doing an amazing job!

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