Friday, June 6, 2008

After The Realtor's Walk Through... The Blow By Blow


Julie said...

Wow, that is really stupid of the realtor to be so obsessed with the grout. I mean c'mon. If someone really wants the house, they won't even care about the grout. Trust me, the right buyer will come in and love it and oversee any "imperfections".

What a drag it is that you have all of this stuff to do and then you will be away. It's good in some ways that you are away, but I would have a hard time relaxing knowing this big move is lingering in the shadows.

Hey, isn't tomorrow a big day for you? Hmm...what do you have planned...washing the kitchen floor, filling in grout? Sounds delightfully fun. Sorry:(

Mrs Furious said...

I'm hoping when they get back to us they have a higher price for the house. If they want to list a lower rate I'll be pissed that we put so much time into it.
Most of these little "problem areas" were here when we bought it and we never noticed on the walk throughs.
On the one hand I'm frustrated... but on the other I appreciate that they're being really thorough. I hope that reflects in their part of the job too ;)

Yes tomorrow's my b'day... Mr F just went to the store to buy some cake mix and Cherry Coke. Nothing but the best for me ;)

Deb said...

Happy early birthday!!

Honestly, though, grout? This house must have the worst grout imaginable (hello, shower leak!) and I never thought twice about it. What kind of buyer cares about grout? The kind that nitpicks the deal to death. Ugh... realtors. I hope they come back with a great price and awesome marketing proposal for you.

Sandcastle Momma said...

Happy Birthday!

I just wanted to let you know about an experience I had with a cleaning person. She charged $150 (standard for my area) but she didn't deep clean. I expected ceiling fan blades to be dusted, dust bunnies out from under things, windows washed - ya know, actual deep cleaning stuff. She didn't do any of that and then told me those are "specialty" items and cost extra. Her idea of deep cleaning was dusting, mopping and vacuming and that's all.
I learned that you have to give them a very detailed, specific list before they begin or else that deep cleaning doesn't get done. It seems that most cleaning people should be required to wear a big sign proclaiming "Buyer Beware!"
Good luck to you and I hope you get to spend a little time doing something you enjoy on your birthday.

smellyshelley said...

Some people will notice those little things and some won't - so better safe than sorry...but lots and lots of work! Hopefully you will get an offer while you are on vacation and you don't have to keep it immaculate day in and day out in case someone comes by.

I hate cleaning ladies. When I was 8 months pregnant I hire a cleaning service to come in - $500! I was shocked at the price, but felt I didn't have a choice since I was preggers. My house is 2,000 square feet... and they did a crappy job. I ended up on my knees scrubbing the floors myself (8 months pregnant!) they left the windows dirty too. I got a refund. Ever since then I refuse to hire them..a) they don't do clutter and b) never clean what I think they should.

Happy Birthday!

G in Berlin said...

Only my mom can get real cleaning done by a cleaner (she "trains them"), but I think you are being totally ripped off, especially for what you want. Pay $25 an hour. You should then get 4 hours of deep cleaning (use a list!) for $100. I'd like to ear a cleaning person explain why they think that amount is too little!

Robin said...

Good lord. The thought of putting our house on the market already gave me hives, now I'm even more petrified!

I think your house looks great, and I agree with other people that someone will fall in love with it and will completely ignore any flaws. (Kind of like I did with my husband.)

Mrs Furious said...

Hey all thanks for the cleaning advice.

Shelly ... $500!!?!?! That is NUTS!

Sandcastle Momma,
Yeah, I'm a little wary of the "deep clean" 1st clean selling point. "Deep Clean" seems a little subjective ;)

G in Berlin,
Ah.. I'll look for an hourly cleaner. That is definitely the ticket.

"Kind of like I did with my husband."
as for the house... I never knew it would be this stressful!

angie said...

Yea, the cleaning woman shouldn't be that much for 2 hours... Check the arborparents list serv for suggestions. They seem to have a lot of good ones. Hopefully you won't need it though

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