Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ann Arbor Blogging

We made it. The 10 hour car trip was infinitely better with my niece in tow to change movies and hand out snacks. Baby is still out of sorts and off her rhythm. I'm really hoping things even out once we settle in to our cottage and she can get used to the place. Right now she just wants to go home and says things like "I scared" and "no people". She's just overwhelmed by the number of strangers I think. Today we had a playdate with Kid's oldest *best* friend. They were very happy to be reunited after so long apart. Tonight were staying at Neighbor Angie's. Baby does seem relieved to finally be amongst the under 4 set... and...their toys.


julie said...

Say hi to Angie for me!!

Holy cow, you still have another 4.5 hours of driving?! Do you have to do this whole drive back? Please tell me Mr F will be with you.

"I scared" and "no people"....Baby, I understand. Sometimes I feel that way, too:)

Mrs Furious said...

I'll only have about 15-16 hours to drive home to Asheville. I added a long day of driving by going to the PA house. No, Mr F won't be with me. I'll be doing that over 3 days though... so 5 hours should be okay. The real problem is getting Baby to sleep in the different houses & hotels. It really is a nightmare for me. It is really pretty much impossible to get both girls to sleep at the same time by myself (usually in the same room).

inkelywinkely said...

All that driving!

I hope you get a break soon.

Enjoy having a small helper along the way.

Mr Furious said...

Kidnap Jasmine and bring her back to Asheville for the return!

Me, Myself and I said...

Hope your vacation is WONDERFUL!!!

angie said...

Hi Julie. Next time you come too :-)

Mrs F, so great to have you here. Just like old times...though sorry you will be missing the neighborhood progressive cocktail party. Now that's a night to remember! Though, if baby doesn't do well, you can come to A2 early (party is the 19th).

Nicole said...

I knew I'd felt a flutter in A2.

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