Friday, July 17, 2009

And Then Just Like That It's Over

We finally got back in our marital groove... and then... boom... it's over.

Mr F flies out at the crack of dawn.

While I'm really happy that the girls and I get the opportunity to stay, and see the rest of my extended family over the next couple of weeks, this trip has been long. And exhausting.


I'm really nervous about the long trip back... now that I know how badly the trip up went.

I mean extremely nervous.

That trip up almost killed me.

It took a good week and half to recover from the stress and lack of sleep.

Next year we're flying.


P.O.M. said...

You're all just out of your normal groove. YOu'll get it back when you get home (and he's back on meds and paints the house).

G in Berlin said...

With my husband commuting M-R or F, I totally know what you mean.
I'm off to 3 weeks in the US and when he leaves after 2, I'm not certain how the person who mentally tortures me will act. So I also fellowfeel on your trip and will have 20+ solo hours traveling back with my girls.You exude confidence, to me.

julie said...

good luck, honey.

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