Monday, September 21, 2009

Got My Hands Full

This little fella dropped in today. This is the baby I'll be watching... am watching I suppose I should say. They needed me to fill in at the last minute today. I was happy to oblige as I'm not turning down money at this point.

I hadn't been planning on him or I would have taken care of our errands over the weekend (thank God we had cleaned!). As it stood I had to go today. With Baby and the baby... in the pouring rain. It's been a long time since I've had to juggle one of those ridiculously heavy and cumbersome infant car seats. Doing that in the rain while making (asking... hoping) Baby to walk through the parking lot holding onto my purse was STRESSFUL. But we made it. Kids are funny like that. I often am amazed at how they'll rise to a challenge when they have to... almost like all they needed was for there to be a real need for them to take up appropriate behavior.

I did my best to be as quick as possible. Not having watched him before I don't know his quirks... or his patience level... and I did not want to mess with him right off the bat. Shopping with Baby is stressful enough... with her penchant for dismounting from the cart... or lodging herself underneath... or squashing expensive raspberries... or throwing glass jars onto the checkout belt. So I was STRESSED. Then of course my phone rang (people NO ONE calls me... ever) and fearing it was a school emergency I rushed to check it... MR F. Oh I wanted to shoot him. He knew where I was and what I was doing! Like I had an extra hand for answering the phone and having a chit chat! Give me a break for once!!

As it turns out the call was worth the trouble. More on that later.


Torey said...


We don't use it often, but in the rain, I would for SURE be using it. BUCKLE THEM IN!

Check Asheville's Craigstlist. We saw some good ones when I was down there. Maybe Charge Furious's parents would go half-sies!

now tell us about the phone call!

julie said...

Kids are funny like that. I often am amazed at how they'll rise to a challenge when they have to... So true.

Holy cow, a teeny tiny baby! So cute to see that little tushie:)

Uh, yeah, figured Mr F wouldn't call on the cell unless it was important. Can't wait to hear.

Good luck.

Julie said...

Is it later yet??

Kids do seem to rise to the occassion, but we stress out like hell about it anyway because we know how they can be!! I am with ya there!

inkelywinkely said...

I NEED to know what the call was. LOL..

Mrs Furious said...

I can't say yet... but soon. Relatively. It'll be worth it.

Penelope said...

Hi Mrs F, Been enjoying ur blog, makes me feel like I am more sane than I thought (or at least I'm in good company if not! ;o)

My husband has the same knack for calling when I simply don't have the time, energy, focus to listen!

Lastly, am hugely impressed by the watching of an extra child that is not your own! Can't even handle mine, let alone someone else's. Two snaps up & a twist to you!

Mrs Furious said...

"makes me feel like I am more sane than I thought"
LOL... it is my pleasure!

watching the kids hasn't been as hard as I thought. I have had some serious inner resentment about it.. so... I was prepared for it to be pure hell. If I had both girls home with the extra it would be much harder. Since it's mostly just Baby... I think she actually enjoys the company and is a bit more mellow.

Mrs. Smitty said...

As a parent of two kids under two (and one 4 year old), I stress every time I have to take them to run errands. There were times I missed the bulky carriers because at least when I put them in the cart they stayed put! But as you said, kids surprise you and many times I've stressed out well beyond what was necessary. Then I tell myself it's not so bad and I'll be calmer next time. Then next time comes and I forget I told myself I wouldn't stress anymore. My own little circle of life.

Mrs Furious said...

Mrs Smitty,
I don't even know how you could get those two carriers into a cart... and... fit food in there. Three kids at the grocery store is 2 too many.

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