Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

We're taking a short furlough from Disney to enjoy an over the top Thanksgiving spread at Mr F's best friend's pad in St Petersburg. Yummy. And there is actual vegetation... which is a much needed Disney area change up!

YES I will do a thorough Disney review next week (I know I've been promising this for years... this time I'm going to come through). And I'm glad I waited since I can now give a good onsite/offsite comparison. This is our 6th visit in as many years(shout out to my mom for sponsoring most of those) and we've stayed at a range of Disney hotels and have both done and done without the meal plan. I'm going to write up my review and include our planning tools & sites (and if you are going soon I'll be able to give you the code for booking our hotel ($105/night plus a $25 food credit... hello... room service breakfast!... free parking... no resort fees... and a totally badass kids splash zone pool and an INCREDIBLE gym). I've kept good money records on all our trips and I'll break down for you EXACTLY how much we spent. I'll also do an open Q&A and that way other Disney folks can weigh in on their tricks.

For now we're planning to kick it up a notch late night Magic Kingdom and enjoy our last couple days in Disney World. We're taking off on Saturday and heading up to Savannah for a night before heading home (Mr F is dying to take pictures... and the girls are looking forward to a carriage ride... lets hope I can Priceline something decent).

If anything horrific/laughable goes down this weekend make sure you add it into the giveaway (post below) and I'll be announcing the winner on Sunday night.


sara said...

Happy Thanksgiving Furious Family!


BsOnlyToots said...

So .. I HAVE to ask, did you mean to reference Mickey Mouse in your labels?? LOL

Mrs Furious said...


It was great meeting you and your family today!! Thanks again for everything! :)

Our rest stop has wifi!

Mrs Furious said...

Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving yourself!

BsOnlyToots said...

Hahaha that's soo friggin' cool .. you totally just moved waaay up on the cool list! LOL

We had an awesome time with you guys today too, you are all just as awesome in person as you are in blog land! LOL About an hour after you left, Ana says, aww mom, I miss 'baby', and I miss 'kid' too. It was like she had known them forever! LOL

You are most welcome! Anytime!

And a rest stop with wifi!?!? Sweeeet!

Surly Rob said...

It was great seeing you guys, sorry i over cooked the turkey :)

Get home safe and hopefully we won't wait too long to see you guys again.

Thanks for making the trek over.


Mr Furious said...

That turkey was still plenty good enough to bust my gut. And the stuffing was the best I've ever had.

I spent the rest of that night lamenting the fact that we couldn't take leftovers...particularly apple pie.

You're the best!

Mrs Furious said...

Everything was delicious... and you guys went way above the call of duty! Seriously, that was the best Thanksgiving spread we've ever had. Thanks again. Plus I'm always enamored with Jasmine's tough girl persona :)

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