Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Still Running The "Your Life Sucked Here's Ten Bucks" Giveaway

For the third time here are the rules...

Now for the giveaway. Today I'm doing it a little differently. Today I'm asking that you go back in time... and make me laugh... or cringe... or really, REALLY, be glad I was not in your shoes.

Today I want you to share with me your most embarrassing or awkward family holiday moment (um did I ever tell you that my mom and I accidentally left a casserole on the roof of the car on our way to Thanksgiving... and that it fell off into the road... and that we scooped it back up... AND SERVED IT?... It turns out that (unbeknownst to us I swear!!!) it was full of broken glass.... Did I mention we SERVED IT?!)

So go ahead and share your stories. I will choose a commenter at random and send them a $10 iTunes card. (You thought I forgot about my Your LIfe Sucks Here's Ten Bucks giveaways?... I didn't I just had to postpone this one a little bit... plus I wanted to change it up a bit)


inkelywinkely said...

I have nothing I can stand to type out right now...I am too busy pretending my life is explicitly blissful to dwell on my *actual* life or care about anyone in it right now. LOL

Deb said...

How about the Christmas(es) when my grandparents would play poker with my brothers and dad. My grandma would break out her laundry quarters. Grandpa would crack into his big Arrowhead bottle. And they would spend the early part of the evening after dinner playing Five Card Stud. That is, until my father inevitably accused my grandmother of cheating, and a (drunken) argument ensued, after which we were unceremoniously asked to leave. Without exception, we were kicked out of my grandparents' house every single Christmas night. Classy.

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