Friday, March 19, 2010

Bitch Fest Friday

If Mr F doesn't start to step up, I just might take advantage of THIS FREE OFFER.

P.S. The stress hasn't broken my spirit (yet)...

And, yes, I really could (and will) play that game all night. In fact, today, we're taking it outside. And if you know anything about our yard (random holes) this is gonna get really funny... really fast.


Kelly said...

My bitch for today is that my husband has been cut down to 32 hours, and we have no medical insurance because the price through his employer is extremely outrageous. I went to the dermatologist today because I have a suspicious mole, and, turns out it may be precancerous and has to be removed. This will cost at least 175 and I have several other moles that need to be removed which will cost about the same. They will not remove them all at one time, so I have to pay for the office visit each time. Then I had the doctor give me something to clear up the breakouts that I have been getting since pregnancy #2 and it will cost me 229 a month for one tube. What part of no insurance and 4 kids did he not get, I wonder??
Ok, I feel better! I really missed bitchfest Friday!!!

Preppy Mama said...

My bitch for today is my husband went to work to find out they no longer need him! So he is out of a job! Great!
I think we might be playing your paper bag head game...its pretty funny!!

moley said...

Sorry to hear about your money worries Kelly and Preppy Mama. Hope things get better for you soon! I am so relieved that our health service, for all its faults, is free. Don't know how I'd have found the 4 or 5 thousand needed for my eye op over there.

Just found out this morning that the hairdresser I've had for 20yrs and consider a friend has been hiding the fact that her partner has been seriously abusing her for 4 yrs and is currently in prison awaiting trial.

She had a good cry on my shoulder over a cup of tea. So sad that she has had to go through this but pleased that she has had the courage to press charges. Quite impressed that the police have been really good as well.

Mrs Furious said...

Preppy Mama,
Oh I'm sorry to hear that!!!

Jeez that is really going to add up! What if you just got a basic insurance plan for yourself? It might pay for itself before you are done with that one doctor.

Mrs Furious said...

I'm sorry to hear about your friend. But happy that she is getting the help she needs.

moley said...

Thanks Mrs F. Me too! I just hope when he is tried in April that they lock him up for a long time, so she can recover mentally.

She is really scared that he obviously knows where she lives and may come round and get revenge if he is released!

Elizabeth said...

My Crazy Boss has been replaced by this really nice person who looks JUST LIKE HER.

So, just before we go into mediation to see if we can work out how horrendously awful things have been, she's all chatty and reasonable and nice.

She hasn't even alluded to any problems. I mean, she was crying on Friday (after her meeting with the big boss) and now everything's all sunshine and roses...

WTF. It's creepy

Gigs said...

I have to know if there was a reason you chose paper bag over traditional blind fold for this game... assume because the paper bag is just plain funnier, yes?

Andrea said...

All I can say is both my kids have rotavirus and we are on day 6 of a supposed 9-10 virus Im so sick of vomit and shit I want to go to work go figure, my husband has been less than a joy about the whole thing and has decided he might need a career change right fucking now seriously like I havent slept in 4 days and your children are throwing up and shitting all over me and you want to talk about something this serious really. eharmony is looking good too.

Supermom said...

Oh goodie. Let me bitch for you!

I'm sick and tired of BEING SICK!!!!!

I've been sick since December mostly.

I'm tired of my nose running. I'm tired of using my sleeve to wipe it with. I'm tired of hacking up my lungs. Especially during the night making me unable to sleep.

I'm tired of sleeping on the couch so HE can get some sleep.

I could go on you know?

Kellie said...

"THE DOUCHE DID NOT CALL HIS KIDS YESTERDAY"......been there done that and it TOTALLY pisses me off!! I haven't participated in the Bitch Fest Friday yet and actually I think bitching about my knee and my back would be more like whining with all the stuff I have read! Sounds like lots of people had a really hard week!!

SK said...

Oh, Andrea--rotavirus is THE worst! I feel for you!

SK said...

I think I'm like Kellie--my complaints are peanuts in comparison today (knock on wood?!)----I feel for all of you!

Mrs Furious said...

The bag on the head came first and then the game. Kid had made a robot head (can't tell in the video) but didn't know how to cut out the eyes.

Mrs Furious said...

God! I'm sorry the kids are so sick. I can't imagine why you aren't interested in reevaluating your whole life right now?! ;)

I hope so too!

You really have been sick since December. It's well past ridiculous at this point.

WTF?! I'm worried she's going to try and manipulate you. Don't let that happen!!

Oh I was beyond pissed last night. I mean let's be real... he only has one thing to *fit* into his day: call the kids before bed. Sorry about your back & knee. Pain is legitimate!

It's a rough week out there!

Missives From Suburbia said...

I met my current husband on, and he's much better than my first one. Just sayin'.

Me, Only Better said...

My little girl has been sick since tuesday - we spent all day yesterday in ER getting her rehydrated and tested for bacterial junk.

On the flip side, I am so happy that I live in Canada where I don't have to worry about paying for that....

Hang in there, Mrs F.

angie said...

I feel for rotovirus mom...My 1 yo has had diarrhea diapers for at least 1 month, maybe longer. We finally had to get a stool sample. We are averaging 6-8 diarrhea diapers a day (12 a few days, 8 yesterday). Some are just pure water. Actually getting a little scared.

Mrs F we need to talk. Sorry i have been off the face of the earth. lots going on here, but happily little to bitch about.

Kiki said...

No bitch....go figure....

The paper bag game....we are totally playing that when I come for my visit!!

P.S. Did it get all Blair Witch for anyone else??? Just me? Kid, you are awesome....but you kicked my vertigo into high gear with your film style!!! Heehee!!

michelline said...

I hesitated, but damnit, I have a bitch too. I had my first two plastic surgeries thinking I was out on approved disability and therefore getting paid, when I receive a letter stating that my disability was denied because my procedures are cosmetic. WTF? I can't find anything in the literature about that. So no pay. This is very depressing and quite frankly, very difficult. If that weren't enough, after my thigh lift on 3/4, my right thigh has come down with some nasty infection that has the doctor stumped for the moment. She did a culture on Friday and I have an appointment with her tomorrow. We've tried two different antibiotics already. My final surgery has been postponed indefinitely while we try to knock out this infection. And I can't return to work with it either. I am very lucky that Chris is extremely supportive and faithfully changes my dressings twice a day. But my leg HURTS and I can't sleep and I can only take Demerol (which doesn't help with this pain) and Tylenol, which only treats the fever I can't shake. The belt lipectomy was a walk in the park compared to the inner thigh lift. I'm tired of pain and tired of being confined to my bedroom because I can't be around any animals and I have a cat who misses his mommy :(

Sorry for rambling and being so disjointed, I just typed... Thanks for letting me do it here, Mrs. F!!

Mrs Furious said...

By the way, the bag game is a lot more interesting after making them spin around a few times first!

My mom met her husband on there too! I'm a believer.

Me, Only Better,
Oh I'm sorry your daughter is so sick. I hope she is on the mend soon. Dehydration can be so scary.

For a month? That's strange. Otherwise hydrated and in good spirits?

Oh I know. When I watched that video I was like "whoa that's adds a little something extra for the viewers!" I was surprised she ever got it back upright!

yikes! That sounds terrible and, frankly, scares the bejeezus out of me. You know I've wanted a tummy tuck for the longest freaking time and it's stories like this that make me nervous. I hope you are able to treat the infection and get pain free fast! That must be a nightmare!!

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