Monday, March 15, 2010

This Week The Plan

Well I think the weekends are going to be the hardest part. Just because of the loneliness if nothing else. I'm used to spending the majority of my time during the week without Mr F so it doesn't feel as weird.

My goal is to take advantage of getting things done when the opportunity arises. I don't have the luxury of planning on how my days are going to turn out.... kids' moods, my mood due to their moods, house showings, etc.

Yesterday Kid was tired and sore from vomiting all day Saturday. I knew she'd just veg in front of the TV so I made sure to utilize the *free* time that offered me. While the kids watched an endless stream of cartoons I knocked out our taxes. I'm using TaxACT again this year and highly recommend it. We've even got 3 businesses, capital gains, etc., to file for and I can still manage it. I've got everything inputed and ready to go... I'm just waiting on a few final statements to come in the mail. I'm super proud of myself, it would have been really easy to just give in to being tired, and sad, and overwhelmed yesterday.

My next order of business is to force myself to workout during the day while Kid is at school. Some of you may recall that I prefer to workout in the evenings when it is more of a stress relief and a good break from a long day with the kids. Obviously with Mr F gone this is no longer an option. I know I won't be getting a stress release out of my workouts but I need to make sure I stay on track anyway. Getting out of shape is not going to help matters! A couple of days a week I only work part-time and that gives me about an hour and a half before I need to pick Kid up. On those days I'm going to have Baby watch a DVD on my computer in her bed while I do my step aerobics workout in the living room. The other days I think I'm going to throw The 30 Day Shred in once Kid is home and the kids can play a reading program on my computer while I bust that out since it is shorter. Hopefully, pending house showings, I'll get in 4-5 weekday workouts. I'm just going to try for that. I'm not counting on the weekends.

In other fronts I've got our bedtime routine figured out and even managed to get them to bed (and sleep) on time despite the time change (honor me!!! it was still light out!). I read to Kid in her bed while Baby plays quietly (ish) in the girls' room. Then I give Kid a book to look at while I put Baby to sleep in my room. Then I come back in and snuggle Kid for a minute. This is a big change from our usual routine which was a divide and concur method splitting the kids up between Mr F and I. This is also the hardest time for Kid since she is used to having a nice long snuggle with her Dad.

With Mr F gone we don't need to hold dinner for him... which means... we can bump up our entire evening by a half an hour. (Damn the time change and it's ever brightening evenings or I might have even been able to bump it up an hour!) That should help keep me from losing my mind. As it is I'm looking at 13-14 straight hours of child contact... that's kind of my mental/physical limit.

Monday - Rotisserie Chicken, broccoli, mashed potatoes

Tuesday - Pan Seared Pork Chops, rice, veggies

Wednesday - Salmon Noodle Casserole w/ peas

Thursday - Pork & Veggie Lo Mein (reserve two pork chops from Tuesday)

Friday - out to eat

Saturday - Shrimp and Pea Pesto Pasta

Sunday - leftovers and/or breakfast for dinner

No point in recounting my cleaning/chores schedule. I clean the whole damn house all day every day.


julie said...

Awesome that you have a plan. Just think that each day that goes by is one day closer to the end. I totally bow down to you for the bedtime routine. That is the hardest with little kids.

Cara said...

It sounds like your planning will allow you to get it all done! wow. :-) You are awesome.

wootini said...

Hats off to you for even thinking about working out during this crazy time.

Totally badass!

Marie said...

The time change stinks for bedtime..I can't get mine to understand that just because its light out till 9pm during the summer, they can't stay up till then! Of course during the winter they have no problem understanding that when the sun sets at 4pm its not bedtime... :)

Andrea said...

forking light change I just hung darker curtains for little man but lil miss aint so happy.Way to go I like the plan.I started a kettlebell workout(dvd came with) this weekend and its only 25 minutes intense but wow it kicks ass.

SK said...

Great plan. Maybe Kid can chat on the phone with her dad while you're putting Baby to sleep? He could read to her over the phone...

Mrs Furious said...

Brilliant idea!!!!

SK said...

;) Glad to help!!

Mrs Furious said...

Thanks for the positive energy ladies!

I'm wiped out. exhausted. Must go watch cheesy 20/20 The Bachelor expose (imagine accent on that... never did figure out how to do that).

Deb said...

Awesome planning! Those are similar to the kinds of things I do when my husband is out of town, too. The bedtime routine was brutal initially. Now J either reads or watches something low-key on my laptop like Signing Times while I put C to bed. I like the idea one of your readers suggested about letting Kid talk to Mr. F. If timezones align (ha!), I might have to hook up J and Hubby via video chat and let them do that next time.

Hang in there, Mrs. F. I hope you get an offer shortly.

Nutmeg said...

yeah man, skyping bedtime.


Mrs. F, I just can't imagine the crazy that you are managing.


Kiki said...

Your planning is so inspirational....I need to get my rear in gear and get some planning done!!

Kellie said...

When my daughter was little and my husband traveled we would buy two of some of her favorite books. That way he could take one and read it over the phone and she could follow along. She loved it! Hope you have a great first week!

Mr Furious said...

Hmm. How much are those little cameras for your computer? Mrs F has one built in to her iBook, but I have a regular monitor and would need to buy one.

And, is SKYPE free?

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