Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Apologies

I'm going through a bit of a strange adjustment period (and I know the blog is suffering for it).

While it is nice to have removed the daily constant stress of showing the house, and 24/128 single parenting, we're still a bit adrift.

And the constant stress of selling a house has not abated. In fact, in some ways, not being onsite has only intensified it.

We're lowering our price AGAIN this week. Fingers crossed.

I'm also going to see the house we've got a bid on this week (the short sale... still no word). I'm pretty excited about that. If I hate it we can withdraw our offer... if I love it, it will give me something to look forward to.

Maybe something exciting will happen soon (like someone buying our house!) and then I'll have some good blog fodder. Let's all pray for that.


trifitmom said...

i hope something breaks soon for ya, too long in limbo is not good for the soul forget about the blog.

we have our house on the market but we have NO need to leave so there is no stress about it. we had an open house today and i have no idea if anyone even showed. i swear the good part is it is making clean the hosue which i never do.

Kiki said...

I hear you on the blog suffering front....hoping to get back on board soon....with the sisters here for a vacay though I'm not sure how much updating I'll do.

Praying for a super quick resolution.....can't wait to hear about your reaction to the house!!! {{fingers crossed}}

HC said...

I'm so sorry that this whole situation is keeping you in limbo for so long. I would have pulled out all of my hair by now. :( Here's hoping that you adore the new potential house, and that you are allowed to buy it with all due haste!

Torey said...

does that mean you're here???? cause maybe a coffee outing or something would make you feel better ;)

glad to hear that you're ok, even if everything is not perfect.

hoping the best for you!

Rah said...

i hope things are going to happen SO soon for you. thinking of you guys!

Liz said...

Hoping the price drop brings a swift offer! And that all the fantasizing you can do about the new house minimizes the NC house stress.

Gigs said...

Don't apologize...we know what you're going through! Hope things settle down a bit soon.

jamarge523 said...

Hi Mrs. F - been reading your blog for a couple of years now, it is kind of like looking in on our own kids. I'm around your Mom's age (maybe older) and am going to offer some unwanted advice (don't worry our kids didn't take it either). Have you thought about buying newer construction (less problems)? Also, are you looking at school districts so you won't have to spring for private schools? Our kids did neither & now are dealing w/ an old house, expensive private schools & a marginal neighborhood. Just sayin'...there is a reason people with kids move to the burbs. You won't lose your cool or your soul and your kids will be safe and have friends.

Mrs Furious said...

Oh, no offense taken. Our entire search is based on the school districts... so no more private school for us. New construction?... I don't know if I can get Mr F to go that far (at least from what we have seen)... but newer is a definite. Right now we're leaning toward 50/60s small brick ranches. The better school districts are all in older neighborhoods where any new construction is WAY out of our price range.

jamarge523 said...

Mrs F - Sounds like you all have it covered. Hope everything works out soon for you and your family. You are in a better position than our kids who have a good job/bad mortgage in California. I found your blog through some diet link 2 years ago & 35 pounds later am still a fan. Best of luck to you and your family. I'll be reading & wishing you the best. (I'm not much of a commenter, in fact it looks like I messed up the account sign in & didn't get a proper user name.)

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